Best of Canada Newsletter-December 27th, 2015 to January 2nd, 2016

Best of Canada Newsletter

Best of Canada from December 27th, 2015 to  January 2nd, 2016

Best of Canada #1: Canada’s warm welcome for refugees scores highly, but real test is coming.
“Canada ranks among the best countries in the world at integrating immigrants, according to the 2015 Migrant Integration Policy Index.” The Star

Best of Canada  #2:  Canada’s biggest news story? Demographics.
“Health care, taxes, deficits, infrastructure and Syrian refugees have dominated the political headlines this past year.” Toronto Star

Best of Canada  #3:  Winnipeg students team up with Juno-nominated musician on ‘Canada’ song.
“A school project has turned into an unexpected giftfor a group of Winnipeg students. With help from a Juno-nominated artist, Grade 4 students at Joseph Teres School wrote an original song all about Canada. “The message is that we live in a great country and we need to celebrate it.”  CTV Winnipeg

Best of Canada  #4: Our year-end look at Canadian wine.
“As we wind down the final show for 2015, it’s time for fine wine. Sommelier and MP Michelle Rempel and her Parliamentary colleagues from the wine regions joined us to promote the best of Canada’s vintages.”  CTV PowerPlay

Best of Canada #5:  2015’s Best Canadian shows with strong female leads
“This time of year, most of us are hiding indoors from the cold, trying to not scream when we burn those Pinterest cookies we made with the expensive bourbon (if only it were handy now!) and dealing with hordes of family members under one roof. Binge-watching your favourite shows may just be our only way of staying sane.” She Knows Canada

Best of Canada  #6:  Canada’s best, worst and most confusing city slogans
“Cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, to develop and promote taglines like these gems – for Ottawa (it’s since abandoned the slogan), Charlottetown and, of course, Okotoks, Alta., respectively.”  National Post

Best of Canada  #7:  Best of music in 2015.
“Maclean’s music critics name their favourite albums and pick out some of the best Canadian songs you may not have heard of” Macleans

Best of Canada  #8: Palm Springs Film Festival to Spotlight Canadian Cinema. 
“The Palm Springs Film Festival, which runs from Jan. 1 to 11, will offer a special program focusing on Canadian cinema.” The Hollywood Reporter


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