10 Winter Travel Tips for Vacations

10 Winter Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Winter Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips for planning and booking those winter vacation plans.

(1) Many accommodations, airlines, rental car agencies and tours use loyalty programs. It is always a good idea to see if your destination businesses are offering one. Some will offer discounts, free items and bonus gifts. You just never know until you ask.

(2) There are so many booking only websites out there. What many do not know is that the deals they offer are misleading. Up to 15 % off means just that “Up To”. Most provide only 2-5% off which equals $10-$20 dollars. Do not book blindly and take their word for it. Do your research and then contact the business directly with your best researched price and they will most likely better it. Phone or email directly will always give you your best price. Laziness in booking usually never does.

(3) Avoid big crowd travel destinations. Accommodations, tours, attractions and restaurants tend to raise their prices in high traffic travel destinations. Experiment with your destinations or book with a business outside of the city limits.

(4) Never be satisfied or take for granted what is advertised. Always ask questions to make sure you fully understand what you are getting with your bookings. No one likes surprises or the added stress of surprises while on a vacation.

(5) Book a vacation, not just a room. Since when is a vacation just a room. Always plan as much as you can prior to your travel departure. What attractions are you going to see? What events are you attending? Is there a restaurant you want to try that serves up your favorite food in the area? Book a reservation. What activities do you like and is it available in the area or do you need to bring your own equipment. Look into your options ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to book early.

(6) Always carry cash with you and your identification. How many times have we heard of travelers who lost their luggage and all their important information and extra travelers cheques were in their luggage. This just sucks the fun out of a holiday before you leave the airport.

(7) Be patient if your destination is flexible and you can leave on a moments notice. There are always big discounts prior to the holidays for certain destinations.

(8) Look into the ATM policies of the destination you are traveling too. Some banks, and this may surprise you, take advantage of travelers when in their country as the traveler is hand-cuffed and have no choice when already at the destination.

(9) Pack smart. Do not get hoodwinked by extra costs incurred by airlines because you decided to over pack. More luggage equals more costs and a higher percentage of your luggage being sent to another location.

(10) If traveling by vehicle make sure you are winterized. Good tires and a safety kit in case of an emergency. Temperatures drop at night and your life will depend on being prepared with blankets, food, flash light, long johns, extra socks, sweaters, toque, gloves, water to name a few. Not to mention let someone know your time of arrival so if you do not show up necessary actions can be taken quickly.

Quick Travel Tips:

Check your passport dates are still valid.
Do not fuel anxiety. Prepare yourself for long lines.
Don’t post your travel plans on social media.
Never let others handle your luggage.
Protect yourself against the unexpected. Purchased travel insurance.
Save time and check in prior to leaving for the airport.
Make sure your home looks lived in, ask a neighbor to park in your driveway.
Use light switch timers indoors.


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