Prairie Pixel Photography in Saskatchewan, Canada Interview

Interview: Prairie Pixel Photography, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Besides doing portraiture, my passions are landscape and nature photography.”

Lori Bote of Prairie Pixel Photography

Lori Bote of Prairie Pixel Photography

We would like to introduce you to Lori Bote of Prairie Pixel Photography from Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Lori is our “Friends of Tourism” interview guest this week on eh Canada Travel & Adventure. 

Recently… we had the opportunity to interview the photographer behind the photos of Prairie Pixel Photography from our swanky virtual online studio located in Somewhere, Canada (we can only wish we had a swanky studio but it sounds good).

In the interview, Lori Bote shares with us her love of photography, her passion for the province of Saskatchewan, Canada and some thoughts about the tourism industry.

Prairie Pixel Photography Website: http://theprairiepixeladdict.ca/

Friends of Tourism Interview

Friends of Tourism Interview

The “Friends of Tourism” program is an interview process conducted by eh Canada Travel & Adventure which introduces you, the reader, to some of the talented and, generally, good people of Canada we have had the pleasure of working with including artists, photographers, adventure product companies, sponsors, travel bloggers and supporting tourism advertisers.

This week we talked with Prairie Pixel Photography from Saskatchewan, Canada.

(eh Canada) 1. Who are you, what do you do and where are you from?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) My name is Lori Bote. I am a freelance photographer who owns a photography business and studio, Prairie Pixel Photography in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Besides doing portraiture, my passions are landscape and nature photography.  I travel throughout the province of Saskatchewan capturing, sharing and promoting the beauty and diversity here through my photography.  I am a tireless promoter of this province and love to travel to remote locations to show everyone that Saskatchewan is more than just wheat fields and flat land.

(eh Canada) 2. Favourite thing about Saskatchewan?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) My favourite thing about Saskatchewan has to be the hidden treasures that our province holds.  When people think of Saskatchewan, they often think of flat prairie but it is so much more.  We have rolling hills, badlands, beautiful rivers and lakes, waterfalls, sand dunes, boreal forests, wildlife and sunsets that are absolutely breathtaking!
(eh Canada) We cannot agree with you more – there is much more to Saskatchewan then what is on the Trans Canada Highway. People need to explore off the beaten path to see and understand the province for its natural wonders.

(eh Canada) 3. Tell us something unique about Prairie Pixel Photography?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) I am a bit of a risk taker – I will climb through forests, canoe through waterways and hike through rough terrain to photograph nature in its truest form.
(eh Canada) A job description we can totally relate too.

Peek-a-boo Deer in Prince Albert National Park

Peek-a-boo Deer in Prince Albert National Park

(eh Canada) 4. What do you like to take photos of and please let us in on the why? (landscapes, people, buildings, wildlife, nature, waterways, etc)

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) I am very passionate about nature, natural landscapes and wildlife.   It is a wonderful world that we live in and I have a great appreciation of it.  I can always find something unique as I travel and experience nature.  I find beauty everywhere in nature and I love to bring that to life and show it in my work. (eh Canada) And your passion for nature comes through clearly in your work.

(eh Canada) 5. #1 Reason you choose photography as your passion?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) I am highly creative and have always been.  I have forever been intrigued with nature and the world around me.  My Mother used to tell me that I would chase a butterfly into oncoming traffic and if I were to describe myself today, I would have to say I haven’t changed a bit from the little girl who would chase butterflies. Now I do it with my camera but I still have that childlike curiosity where I still chase butterflies.  My initial background is in graphic design, and part of my education included photography.  I fell in love with the ability to capture the beauty of what I saw around me and see it in photographs captured in time. (eh Canada) Looks like we owe your Mom and the butterfly big time for sparking your interest in nature and photography. Now… when we see a butterfly we will see Prairie Pixel Photography. Thank you for the new association.

(eh Canada) 6. What is your funniest photo moment?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) My funniest photo moment would have to be a few years back while hiking in the Canadian Rockies with my three children.  I caught a glimpse of a moose so I told my kids I was going to get in closer – at the time I didn’t have a longer lens with me.  As I was photographing the moose eating leaves, paying no attention to me (did I say I was way too close?), my kids started yelling at me “get out of the way”.  I turned around and behind me was another moose standing about four feet away.  I was in between two of these big guys and was unsure of how I was going to get out without spooking them by my movement.  Fortunately for me I am 5ft tall and a little more difficult to spot among trees than the average sized adult.  I was able to ever so quietly (almost ninja-like) and carefully sneak out of the area without incident.  It was a little scary and invigorating at the same time.  We still laugh about it today because I had one of those “dangerous tourist” moments where I got in too close to the wildlife.  We have all seen folks along the sides of the road stopping to take pictures while chasing down a female brown or black bear with her babies. The shots I took were great but I learned a lesson from it – I always carry my “bazooka” lens with me to ensure while taking photos of wildlife – I don’t disturb them and I don’t find myself in a precarious situation. (eh Canada) Funny how Mother Nature knows best and is always teaching us lessons in life.

(eh Canada) 7. What are your favourite winter and summer activities and why?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) My favourite summer activity has to be canoeing.  I am not the greatest paddler but I always have a very experienced paddler with me.  I like to canoe on waterways that are free of motor boats or any other motor craft.  Canoeing to me is natural and peaceful.  I purchased my canoe a few years back and have never regretted it –  beside my camera equipment, it is my most treasured possession.

My favourite winter sport would have to be hockey.  Although I haven’t played hockey for many years, I love the game.  Being a proud Canadian I love hockey and being a hockey spectator is a sport in itself.  I also like to photograph our beautiful Winters here in Saskatchewan which means Winter hikes are often on the agenda for me. (eh Canada) Canoeing and hockey – very Canadian Lori.

Northern Lights of Saskatchewan

Northern Lights of Saskatchewan

(eh Canada) 8. Where should photographers visit when exploring Saskatchewan?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) When exploring Saskatchewan, photographers have so many places they could visit.  I do have to admit that I have an affinity towards the Northern part of the province.  There you will find all types of treasures.  The lakes are pristine, the wildlife is incredible and the views are amazing.  I photograph the Northern Lights and in Northern Saskatchewan the Aurora Borealis light shows are incredible.  One of my favourite places I travel to regularly has to be Prince Albert National Park.  There you will find a great mix of easy to get to areas and more difficult areas for the more seasoned traveller such as the trek to Grey Owl’s Cabin which can either be done on foot or through portage and canoe route. (eh Canada) We also have many fond moments of Prince Albert National Park. Grey Owl’s story is fascinating and unbelievable on so many fronts. A Canadian hero to many including us here at eh Canada Travel & Adventure.

(eh Canada) 9. Where do you plan to travel in Canada for your next photo shoot and why?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) I am fairly mobile and have a tendency to jump in my vehicle to find my next destination.   I base my photographic travels on research and what I would like to capture next.  Canada is such a vast country with so many diverse landscapes that my goal has always been to travel to as many places I can within the country.  I do have a bucket list of long term goals and I am hoping to plan a trip to the Yukon in the near future.  I love to chase the Northern Lights and this is one place that is a treasure trove of sights to see and gems to find. The Northern Lights captured there would be a dream come true for me. (eh Canada) Based on what we are hearing – you and the Yukon would be a perfect match of passions.

(eh Canada) 10. Please give us some insight on what, you see, as the biggest mistake travelers do?

(Prairie Pixel Photography ) I think the biggest mistake travellers make is not spending the time to do research on the area they are travelling to.  I may not always plan my trips from point A to point B but I always do as much research as I can to ensure that I am acquainted with the area I am travelling to.  If you don’t do your research you may miss out on loads of sights along the way.  I have found so many wonderful places and sights in my travels thanks to research and information that is often readily available on the internet and wonderful websites such as Canada Eh Travel & Adventure. (eh Canada) Thank you for the plug (blushing red right now). You are so kind. But it is true – research before you travel is the best thing a traveler can do prior to visiting Saskatchewan.

Thank you Lori Bote for your time!

View Prairie Pixel Photos of Saskatchewan at : http://theprairiepixeladdict.ca/

Book, plan and research your next visit to Saskatchewan on ehCanadaTravel.com at : http://www.saskatchewaneh.ca/


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    I just want to say thanks for the awesome post! I love how you talked about Saskatchewan and all of its hidden treasures. It’s so cool that people come from around the world to see our province because it is so beautiful. From breathtaking sunsets to rolling hills, Saskatchewan really does have it all.

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