Interview of the Week: Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination

Interview of the Week with:

Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination

Port Hardy, BC, Canada.

Website: www.bearcovecottages.ca

We would like to introduce you to Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination operating in Port Hardy, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island. They are our featured guests this week and our “Friends of Tourism”.

Bear Cove Cottages

Bear Cove Cottages in Port Hardy, BC, Canada

Recently… we had the opportunity to interview the owners of Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination from our virtual online studio of Canadiana.

In the interview they share with us their thoughts about their tourism business and the community of Port Hardy, B.C.

The “Friends of Tourism” program is a interview process conducted by eh Canada Travel & Adventure which introduces you, the reader, to some of the quality people in our industry and throughout our country including artists, photographers, adventure product companies, sponsors, travel bloggers and Canadian tourism businesses.

This week we talked with Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination who operate cottage accommodations and fishing charters from Port Hardy, B.C., Canada.

1. Who are you and where are you from??

We own and operate Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination in Port Hardy, B.C. on the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

2. Favourite thing about Port Hardy?

Our favourite thing about Port Hardy is the rugged, untouched beauty of the coastline, ocean and islands… and the endless amount of trails, lakes and of course, the fishing!

3. Tell us something unique about Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination? 
We operate separate cottage units that overlook Hardy Bay. And in 2014, we will introduce the Self Spa, which will be an outdoor feature with a rain shower, hot tub and sauna. Provided will be scrubs and mask to self apply and relax in the great outdoors at your own leisure.

4. What should travelers visit when exploring Port Hardy?

Everyone should see Storey’s beach, and if you have time, get out to the west coast, Raft Cove and/or San Josef Bay in Cape Scott Provincial Park. There are many cultural activities and eco-tour trips as well in the region.

5. #1 Reason you work in the travel industry?

We work in the travel industry to meet new people, and it opens many opportunities for us in our off season to travel and to explore.

Black Bear in Port Hardy, BC

Wildlife Sightings in Port Hardy, BC

6. What is your favourite activity and why? Our favourite activities are fishing and hiking because the air is fresh and there are so many options up here.

7. Where do you plan to go next to vacation and why?

We plan on going to Mexico for our next vacation and partake in a health retreat, as we are adding this to our business and would like to experience and study other retreats.

8. What is the biggest mistake you see travelers do when visiting Port Hardy?

The biggest mistake I see travellers do is not researching where they are visiting and aren’t able to see or do half of the activities here due to lack of time or transportation.

Thank you Bear Cove Cottages Fishing Destination in Port Hardy, Canada for your time!

Book your next cottage retreat and/or fishing adventure in Port Hardy with : www.bearcovecottages.ca

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