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October / November 2013 Canada Tourism & Adventure Newsletter

Largest & Fastest Growing Travel Website Marketing Western/Central/Northern Canada


Another summer season has past and another winter season approaches. Many of you, year round operators, are switching gears preparing for the upcoming winter peak season while others are closing their doors seeking travel and/or hibernation as you wait for the summer peak season to return. Tis’ is tourism in Canada. And we just love everything about it!


“A Top Canadian Travel Blogger”

A Top Canadian Travel BloggerGreg & Colin Girard were recognized recently as one of Canada’s Top Travel Bloggers by FlightNetwork.com. The blog promotes the ehCanadaTravel.com website. [ view Top 100 ]


eh Canada & Nature Conservancy of Canada

Nature Conservancy of CanadaThe Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) have recruited Greg Girard as a featured writer for their new NCC Land Lines Blog launching in November.  Another high profile partnership promoting the ehCanadaTravel.com website.

“There is no better travel website that is more Canadian than eh Canada!” Isabelle T

Technology is just like our seasonal weather systems. The forecasts are rarely accurate and it changes quickly with no forewarning.

You may have noticed, but right now, one of the biggest technology shifts in history is taking place. In many ways the coordinated changes in search engines, technology & website design have formed an internet super storm affecting businesses all over the world.

Change is common in our industry. How you react, adjust and understand the changes often determines the outcome. 

We view this internet storm as an opportunity. We are excited to announce that in the coming year we will be introducing a whole new website structure with many new interactive modules and features for self promotion.

Imagine, advertising yourself as much as you want and where you want in Canada. It is coming.

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of merging some of our websites as we develop our new look, new theme and new structure website called – www.ehCanadaTravel.com.

It has already proven to be a successful marketing move with our Victoria and Sidney websites merging 3 months ago. The traffic is up 56.8% over last year.

All paying Photo Listing clients will be treated extra special during this period of growth. Wait till you see what we have in store for you! 

Enjoy the rest of the announcements, news and tourism tips below.

PS – If you are not a paying customer then what are you waiting for? We visited your community, we researched your community, we had fun and, now, we market your community to the world. We love your tourism world so please come and support our tourism world…  thank you (politeness is a Canadian thing). [ Join Us ]

Colin & Greg Girard (eh Team Brothers)

Co Foundersline550

MARKETING: Corporate Sponsors

KEEN Canada (foot wear) & Northern Park Apparel (eco shirts) sponsored the ehCanadaTravel.com 2013 Summer Research Road Trip Series. Product sponsors were featured on our website, blog & social media pages during the summer. Know a good sponsor? Lets hook up & brain storm.


MARKETING: Interview with CBC Radio


CBC Radio West & its host – Rebecca Zandbergen – recently had an on-air-interview with Greg & Colin Girard discussing Canadian travel trends, their researching practises, Revelstoke, BC and their commitment to promoting Canadian tourism. The brothers were entertaining & a big hit according to producers.


MARKETING: Tis’ the Season 4 Social Media

This is the season when social media activity spikes. When the weather gets colder more people stay indoors. Send us your photos to post. on Facebook or on Twitter. Some of you are already taking advantage of this. One photo was shared over 6000 times!


MARKETING: Interviews with Advertisers


Selected advertisers, sponsors, non-profits, artists & bloggers who support ehCanadaTravel.com are being invited to our swanky high tech studio for an interview discussing tourism, their communities and businesses. [ Interview ]. Interested email us! Look out Peter Mansbridge!


MARKETING: Partnership with Dwellable


eh Canada Travel & Adventure has been recruited to contribute community travel information to the people at Dwellable. Dwellable sited the quality information & photos on our website and blog as the reasons for selecting ehCanadaTravel.com for Canadian travel submissions.


STORY: Top 12 Dwarfed by Nature


12 places where you will feel absolutely dwarfed by nature. Rocky Mountains made the list but some big players are missing like Cathedral Grove, Gros Morne National Park, Great Bear Rainforest and others. Your thoughts? [ read article ]



MARKETING: Best Hiking Trails in Canada


The 7 Best Hiking Trails in Canada for Sightseeing Fall Colours. Confederation Trail, Banff and Jasper National Parks, Cabot Trail and more are on the list. [ read article ] What are your favourite destinations for sightseeing the colours of autumn? Send us your list and we may publish it for you on social media.


NEWS: eh Canada Contact Update

All @leaphere.com emails for eh Canada Travel & Adventure are now redirected to our new email addy at @ehCanadaTravel.com. Please make an effort to update your email contact list with our new email accounts. Example: sales@leaphere.com becomes sales@ehcanadatravel.com.


“Increase your word-of-mouth advertising, referral rate and the number of returning guests by simply providing every future guest with 2-4 custom made post cards with postage. Guests are going to send a post card, why not make it is yours. Post cards are economical, have a long shelf life and are seen by many making them a popular keep sake, fridge decal and conversation piece. The key to a successful post card campaign is to use an attractive photo on the front and to not make it too commercial or self promoting. On the back of the post card you do your marketing using descriptive text of your business and, if need be, a “grey scale” photo of your business. Usually, no extra costs when no colour.”

MARKETING: eh Canada Website Merge
eh Canada Travel & Adventure

In case you glossed over it in our cover letter in our newsletter we will announce it again because we are excited about this move & it is a big step towards our goal. So here it is, “CanadaEH.net will slowly merge into the ehCanadaTravel.com website.” There we said it again. Wahoo!

eh Canada Website eh Canada Travel Blog
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Largest and Fastest Growing Travel Website Marketing Western/Northern Canada
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  1. Gug
    Gug says:

    Ah… Thank you guys. How nice for giving us a shout out. Thank you. We have enjoyed working with you over the years and staying with you when we are in Sointula. We need to visit again soon.

  2. Lauren Ledig Klingbiel
    Lauren Ledig Klingbiel says:

    Congratulations Colin and Greg for being recognized as Canada's Top Travel Bloggers! We have nothing but great things to say about Eh, Canada and your tourism site………….Thank you so much..

    Lauren @ Dunroven B&B Sea Cottage Farm & Forge

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