Sometimes in the middle of  researching for our travel websites you come across some of Canada’s great adventures. I am not talking about the ones you read about in the paper every year nor the ones which seem to get all the global press. No.. I am talking about the small town Canada adventures.

Sometimes the villages with populations of a few thousand have a few incredable adventures that take your breathe away.

However, adventures come in all shape and sizes. Some are tough, multi day journeys deep into the wilderness while others can be an easy day hike at a lake with great scenery.

Sometimes a memorial adventure is one with a simple pleasure at the end of a day hike. A waterfall, a cliff, a cave, a hot spring or some wildlife. It is always a plus of any adventure when you have the oppotunity to enjoy it without large crowds.

Maybe that is why the outdoors is so therapeutic. Because I know when I am sitting on top of a mountain peak after a long hike or after I have paddled a few lakes that I am at peace and I feel refreshed.

During our adventures when researching Bro and I would sometimes seperate at times as our responsibilities took us in sometimes different directions. It is a perk of being a brother team I guess. Divide and conquer.

There were many times when researching in the Yukon I came across a cool hike. It happened when researching in Faro. Faro is a small village in Central Yukon. You must travel hundreds of miles along dirt gravel roads to get there.

Faro is a bit of a mining ghost town on the rebound. It has allot heart, as it is working on becoming more of a tourist destination. The area has the wilderness to work with, so there is a headstart. They just need to get the word out better and develop a marketing strategy.

Visiting Faro was a solo mission. My Visit was on the way back from Dawson City. Bro was heading back to Watson Lake via the Klondike and Alaska Highway. I was to take the Robert Campbell Highway side route and meet in Watson lake.

In Faro I learned that they have some  wilderness viewpoints in the mountains and are developing a recreation trail system. The Van Gorder Falls Trail lead to a viewing platform over a waterfall (main photo). It was one of those hikes which surprises you in a good way.

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