The Southern Lakes region of the Yukon Territory is a land of lakes and wildlife. The region, not surprisingly, is a region of the Yukon that was a pleasant surprise for us. Not only is the Southern Lakes deep in railway history it is a land of wetlands, wildlife, mountains and lakes.

The Southern Lakes region consists of Carcross, Tagish and Teslin. Carcross being the centre of attention with tour groups as it was once a major rail stop in the pursuit of riches in the gold rush era (We will talk about Carcross on a future blog). Today, we talk about Tagish as it is the latest community on our website we are working on.

The Southern Lakes started for us in Tagish and Marsh Lake in the Yukon. Here the lakes  are dotted with cottages and cabins. Some are monster homes and others are trapper cabins. Many cottages are for winter and summer vacation homes.

It was our first stop. And I am still surprised how little is known about Tagish and how much potential in tourism the region has. It is beautiful country. Sadly, as we research across Canada, it is just another under developed tourism destination in Canada.

It is unfortunate, as Tagish is rugged, wild and remote.. but more importantly it is an ideal destination for canoeing, boating and fishing. The lakes connect with rivers and creeks. There are Lake trout, Arctic Grayling, Burbot and Whitefish.

Highways and roads follow the banks of waterways. Chain of lakes can be easily accessed. Boat ramps, roof top boat launches and large mountains with shimmering silt peaks are on almost every lake. The Southern Lakes provided us with some of the best Yukon lake pictures during the trip.

Tagish, Yukon is situated on 6 Mile River. 6 Mile River connects two large lakes together – Marsh and Tagish Lakes. Crossing the river is the Southern Yukon’s Largest bridge. It made for good lens (main Picture).

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