South Alberta Parks & Trails

The Okotoks, Alberta, Canada Sheep River Park is a base for activity and a good launching point for activity. The park includes a day use area, washrooms, children's playground, large grass lawns, groves of trees and, even, a fitness circuit.
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From the main parking lot of this Lethbridge, Alberta park is a single track dog walking trail following the banks of the Oldman River. The dirt trail explores open grass fields covered in groves of cottonwood trees.
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The Cochrane Ranch Historical Site is a day use park with large grass lawns, a walking trail, a picnic area, historical artifacts, an information centre, outdoor stage and washrooms.
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Today, Ghost Lake is a recreation destination for many who like to play on the water. There is a recreational campground, day use picnic area, marina, boat rentals and a chandlery.
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Sheep River Park is the main activity destination in the river valley which extends from one end of the community to the other in an east-west direction. Access to the green space areas outside the Sheep River Park are best enjoyed via a 16 kilometre network of trails.
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The Erratic Rock, today, is a tourism attraction in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. There is a walking trail leading out to the rock. There are information signs located along the route. The trail then loops behind Big Rock before it loops back to the parking lot. Short and sweet.
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The Beatrice Wyndham Park is a small birdwatching and aviation sightseeing park situated in the Air Ranch neighborhood in the community of Okotoks, Alberta in the Southern Alberta Foothills region of Canada.
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The pathway in the Sunshine Lake area, the lake itself, the large sprawling grass lawns, the sightseeing benches and the Happy Trails Pathway provide an opportunity for many activities in High River, Alberta.
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Sheppard Park was established in 1995 and measures 5.2 hectares (13 acres) in size. The park grounds, once a pioneer homestead, consist of many historic buildings, artifacts and historical exhibits.
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The Happy Trails Pathway measures about 17+ kilometres in total. The trail is paved, mostly easy going and well maintained. Along the pathway are various access points leading to local parks, recreation facilities, lakes, historic sites and attractions.
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Some of the waterfowl sightings in the Frank Lake area include Northern pintail, Lesser scaup, Ring-necked duck, Canvasback, Green-winged teal, American wigeon, Northern shoveler, Bufflehead, Ruddy duck, Snow goose and Tundra swan.
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When visiting Emerson Lake there are people walking their dogs, jogging, roller blading, taking day strolls, picnicking and birdwatching. Some stay in the park while others continue exploring on the Happy Trails Pathway.
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Frank Slide is a historical sightseeing destination located near the community of Frank in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada. The slide is a historical natural disaster which was recognized in 1977 as a Provincial Historical Site.
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