Rocky Mountain Parks & Trails

Kananaskis Country

Kananaskis Country is a system of large protected parklands, ecological reserves and recreational areas in the Canadian Central Rockies Eco System. It is a land of mountain ranges, snow capped peaks, forests of trees, wildlife, alpine lakes, rumbling and tumbling rivers, streams and creeks.
The Hoodoo Trail is an easy going, moderately long hiking trail located near the Village of Banff, Alberta, Canada in the Banff National Park. The trail features some river, cliff, mountain and hoodoo sightseeing while hiking a forested trail along the banks of the Bow River.
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The Tramline Trail connects the Village of Lake Louise to the shores of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. The route is used as a community trail connecting the chateau resort with the village square and with other adventure trails in the area.
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Cascades of Time Gardens is a floral sightseeing park located in the heart of Banff Village in the Banff National Park. The gardens, located at the south end of Banff Avenue, share 12 acres of land with Canada's National Parks.
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The Bow River flows along the west and south borders of the Village of Banff, Alberta, Canada. It is a recreation trail, a natural attraction, a picnic destination and a paddle route. Like all natural attractions in the Banff National Park, the Bow River attracts allot of attention because it is par
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The Sentinel Pass Trail begins from the Moraine Lake/Larch Valley Trailhead entrance at Moraine Lake. Soon after the trail begins hikers are confronted immediately with a series of long and steep continuous switchbacks for over 2 kilometres.
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The Plain of Six Glaciers Trail is a challenging hiking adventure leading up to an alpine teahouse and surreal views of 6 glaciers.
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Fenland Trail is an easy going, very level and well maintained walking trail in the Village of Banff, Alberta, Canada in the Banff National Park. Fenland is a nature trail and picnic area destination located in a wetland environment called a fen.
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The Larch Valley Trail is a popular hiking adventure leading to views of the Valley of Ten Peaks, at an elevation of 2435 metres, in Banff National Park.
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Consolation Lakes Trail measures 3 kilometres one-way with a small elevation gain of about 60 metres. The lakes are situated in Consolation Valley which is surrounded by the Panorama Mountain Range of the Rocky Mountains.
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Central Park is the main community park located on the banks of the Bow River in the Village of Banff, Alberta, Canada in the Banff National Park.
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The Lake Annette Trail is a popular activity destination in the summer months for hiking, sightseeing and horseback riding and in the winter months, after the snow has fallen, the trail becomes a cross country skiing route.
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Moraine Lake is a sightseeing and activity destination located south of Lake Louise, Alberta Canada in the Banff National Park. It is one of the most visited, easily accessible glacial lakes in the region and is, often, busy with people during the peak months.
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The Lake Louise Lakeshore pathway is very well maintained, level and easy going most of the way. It measures about 2 kilometres long and follows the shores of Lake Louise. There are excellent views of glaciers and mountains.
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The Icefields Parkway falls within a protected wilderness corridor called the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site . A designation handed out by UNESCO in 1984.
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The Bow River Trail is a walking, jogging, stroller, roller blading and wheelchair accessible pathway. It is mostly paved and considered a very easy going route. However..
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