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Art, Photography, Theatre in Alberta, Canada including artists, photographers, studios, shows, events, productions, tours, and entertainment.  Plan your next cultural experience today on Canada's largest booking, planning and interactive entertainment website.

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Alberta, Canada Artists

Alberta artists have left their mark all over the province. Their works can be seen in art galleries, artist studios and gift shops, as well as, while exploring downtown murals and sculptures. The artists of Alberta specialize in painting, sculpture, and other art forms. Theatre in Alberta is alive and strong. Many smaller communities have local theatre groups performing in front of their home town crowds. Most of the big cities in Alberta invite larger dance, music and theatre productions from around the world to perform on their world class venues.

Alberta, Canada Photographers

Alberta landscapes, wildlife, communities, people and waterways provides many opportunities for beautiful photography. Professional photographers from around the world come to Alberta to explore the Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Badlands during photo shoots for magazine, television and online publications. Amateur photographers from all walks of life and country are often seen taking photos and creating memories when visiting Alberta's tourism destinations. 

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