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Northern Alberta, Canada
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Northern Alberta Canada is a prairie landscape consisting of a series of diverse eco systems divided into geographical regions - Peace Country, Grande Prairie County, Athabasca Country, Big Lake Country and the Fort McMurray Region.

Some of the natural wilderness features found in the northern region include wetlands, prairie grass, muskegs, wildflower meadows, river valleys, boreal forest, sand dunes, rolling hills, lakes, wildlife and prairie lowlands.

North Alberta photo gallery

During the northern summer months the days are real long and the nights are short. Some summer days can have up to 19 hours of sunlight providing plenty of time for adventures and exploration. .

Prior to the long days of summer, when the days are shorter, one can watch the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the northern skies during the spring and fall seasons.

Three out of four North American migrating routes (flyways) converge over Northern Alberta. The Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory, the Kimiwan Birdwalk and Interpretive Centre are two popular destinations for birdwatchers in Alberta.

The north is also a base for many smaller museums housing collections of the local First Nation and pioneer history. There are over 30 museums and historic sites in the north of Alberta celebrating the history of the First Nations, Metis, European settlers and fur traders.