South Alberta Parks & Trails

It is an area well documented with fossil discoveries of dinosaurs. There have been over 35 dinosaur discoveries recorded in the region uncovering fossils dating as far back as 70 million years ago. That was then and this is now.
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The Badlands Trail is an easy-going, well maintained interpretive walking trail exploring the Canadian Badlands near the community of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. The trail is a popular pathway for learning more about the geography and history of the Canadian Badlands.
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The Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump preserves and protects the actual site of a buffalo hunt. The site is the oldest buffalo hunting grounds of its kind in North America. And in 1981 the site was recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site.
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Nearby there are baseball diamonds, washrooms and a playground for children. The Newcastle Beach Recreation Area is ideal for group functions, tournaments, festivals and events. There is a camping area for groups who have booked the baseball diamonds for tournaments.
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The green space area along the Oldman River is home to narrow leaf cottonwood trees and many wildlife species. Some of the wildlife sightings commonly viewed in the park include waterfowl., beaver, deer, pheasants, white tailed rabbits and muskrat.
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The Drumheller McMullen Island park is a popular day use area because of the proximity to the popular museum and the Red Deer River but.... more importantly the park is popular because it is situated in a lush green and treed environment which is unique for badland country.
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what really catches your eye and draws allot of attention in Centennial Park is the 26 metre (86 feet) tall Tyannosaurus Rex dinosaur. It is the "World's Tallest Dinosaur" and one of the most visited attractions in the Drumheller Valley.
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Activities enjoyed in the Oldman Dam Recreation Area include kayaking, camping, birdwatching, canoeing, picnicking, boating, sailing, fishing, and wind surfing. There are boat launches located along the shores of the Oldman River reservoir, as well, as roof top canoe launches.
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Saamis Tepee is a very recognizable landmark located easily in the community of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Towering at just over 65 metres (215 feet) the giant steel tepee looms over the Seven Persons Creek river valley and its coulees.
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Hoodoos (aka fairy chimneys and earth pyramids) are tall rock pillars created from soft sedimentary rock (sandstone) topped with a harder rock which is more resistant to time and the elements like wind and rain.
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The Park Lake Provincial Park was established in 1932 and is a popular destination for activities like swimming, picnicking, boating, canoeing, fishing, sailing, hiking, water skiing and camping.
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This Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada park is part of a flood plain and is identified as a riparian area with a sensitive eco system. At one time the parkland was a NWMP (North West Mounted Police) outpost monitoring the fur trade and policing whisky.
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The 43 hectare (106 acre) Nicholas Sheran Lake Park is a neighbourhood park with large grass lawns, groves of cottonwood trees, a recreation trail, a day use picnic area, a playground and access to sports fields.
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Riverside Park is a veterans memorial park easily located next to the Medicine Hat, Alberta City Hall. The park includes a cenotaph, monuments, some art work and a water fountain.
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Inside the high fortified walls of the wooden fort are historical exhibits and displays of the Northwest Mounted Police and First Nation people dating back to when the NWMP first arrived in 1874. At that time Fort MacLeod was the main headquarters for the police for all of western Canada.
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