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Activities enjoyed in the Oldman Dam Recreation Area include kayaking, camping, birdwatching, canoeing, picnicking, boating, sailing, fishing, and wind surfing. There are boat launches located along the shores of the Oldman River reservoir, as well, as roof top canoe launches.
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Fort MacLeod
Castle Provincial Park and Castle Wildland Provincial Park are 2 conjoined parks with some different rules depending which section you are exploring. Located in southwestern Alberta, this is an outdoor adventure seekers paradise. Forget the park pass and tour the Castle Parks of Alberta!
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AB-774, Pincher Creek No. 9, AB T0K 1C0
Pincher Creek, Alberta
The North Drywood Falls trail is located in Castle Wildland Provincial Park in southern Alberta, Canada. A 10km in and back trail through the front canyons of Castle, with amazing views of Pincher Ridge and Drywood Mountain. The hike features stunning scenery, seasonal wildflowers, and a waterfall.
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Pincher Creek No. 9, AB T0K 1C0
Pincher Creek, Alberta
The North Fork Wilderness Campground is located on HWY 510 just north of the community of Pincher Creek in southern Alberta Canada. A wonderful place to camp and enjoy some watersports along the fork in the Oldman River and Crowsnest River. 8 FCFS sites are available.
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HWY 510
Pincher Creek, Alberta
Castle Falls Campground is a seasonal rustic style campground with 45 non-serviced sites sitting along the Castle River in Castle Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada.
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Castle Falls Rd, Pincher Creek No. 9, AB T0K 1C0
Pincher Creek, Alberta
The Leitch Collieries are a reminder of the early coal mining days. Built from sandstone, some with pillars, the structures are very impressive to view. The architecture was ahead of its time for coal mining.
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Porcupine Hills PLUZ is located in southern Alberta 60km west of Claresholm. This PLUZ is 1,500 square kilometers of wilderness and backroads. Hunting, fishing, horseback riding, camping, off-roading and target shooting are some activities often enjoyed here.
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49° 58' 22.98" N 114° 5' 13.672" W
Table Mountain is a 10km in and back summit hike in Castle Provincial Park. Located in southern Alberta. This hike/scramble takes about 3-5 hours to complete depending on skill level.
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49.3647511, -114.2991098
Beaver Mines, Alberta
Allison Creek Falls Hiking Trail is found in the Crowsnest Pass along the border for Chinook Provincial Recreation Area and the Livingstone Public Land Use Zone. A 2.6km out and back trail in the Canadian Rocky Mountains featuring a beautiful waterfall at the end.
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Chinook Lake Access Rd
Coleman, Alberta
Located in the Crowsnest Pass of southern Alberta, Canada. The Hillcrest Mines Memorial Park and Cemetery is where you will find a monument for Canada's mining disasters. As well as the public cemetery where the mass graves from the men involved in the Hillcrest Mine disaster were laid to rest.
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200 4 Ave, Hillcrest Mines, AB T0K 1C0
Hillcrest, Alberta
A multi-use trail in the Crowsnest Pass near Blairmore Alberta Canada. Hike, bike, quad, or horseback ride up this 20km loop trail to the 1946 RCAF Dakota crash site. Please be respectful of this historic memorial place.
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York Creek Staging Area, Frank, Alberta
Blairmore, Alberta
An easy 2.3 km loop trail around the stunning Chinook Lake in the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta, Canada. Featuring mountain scenery, wildflowers, a pristine lake, wooden boardwalks, and some great bird watching opportunities.
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Chinook Lake Access Road
Coleman, Alberta
Frank Slide is a historical sightseeing destination located near the community of Frank in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada. The slide is a historical natural disaster which was recognized in 1977 as a Provincial Historical Site.
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Take a nice easy hike along a beautiful trail in Coleman, Alberta to this small waterfall. Rainbow Falls is found along the historic Miners' Path in Flumerfelt Park.
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2305 76 St, Coleman, AB T0K 0M0
Coleman, Alberta

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