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Alberta Canada Sightseeing opportunities are limitless whether you are on a self guided or guided tour. The opportunity to experience postcard-like wilderness environments, view free roaming wildlife and visit with historic sites are just some of the highlights when sightseeing Alberta. 

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Types of Alberta Sightseeing Tours

Alberta highways and backcountry roads provide the opportunity for many different types of self guided day trips and multi day driving, cycling and motorcycling touring routes. The freedom of selecting ones destination and when and where to visit is a big draw to some when touring. Guided tours leave you to enjoy all the top sites without the planning. They include transportation, an interpretive guide, and may also include meals, itinerary, maps, and all access passes to attractions. Transportation for guided tours may come in the form of a bus, rail, shuttle, floatplane, helicopter, horse drawn carriage and even historic walking tours. 

Popular Alberta Sightseeing Destinations

There are various types of destinations which appeal to a sightseer. The popular wilderness and wildlife scenic destinations include the Rocky Mountains, Canadian Badlands, and the National and Provincial Parks of Alberta. If sightseeing by rail or by air one may add destinations like remote glaciers, mountain ranges, canyons, trestles, wildlife habitat and untouched backcountry wilderness. Sightseeing Alberta history is also popular via walking tours exploring heritage downtowns and historic sites like old forts and First Nation traditional sites. 

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