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Canada Ice Fishing

Alberta, Canada Ice Fishing is as simple as drilling a hole in the ice, dropping a fishing line and then wait for the fish to bite.  There are over 600 lakes in Alberta with natural breeding populations of fish and there are 300 or so stocked lakes where the fish population is managed by provincial revitalization programs. 

Alberta Ice Fishing

Alberta Ice Fishing Seasons 

Depending on the cold temperatures, ice fishing usually begins in December and ends in late However, every year the fishing season starts as soon as the ponds, rivers, and lakes freeze over in Alberta. Alberta provides an opportunity to catch many types of fish including the arctic grayling, lake and mountain whitefish, walleye, yellow perch, sauger, northern pike, burbot and all kinds of trout like brown, cutthroat, lake, brook, rainbow, bull and golden.

Alberta Ice Fishing Shacks

You can ice fish in a shack or out in the open air. Some outfitters set up temporary shacks with wood stoves on the lakes and rivers while others, simply drill a hole and drop a line in the water. Ice shacks vary. Some are deluxe with sleeping quarters, generators, heaters, fridges and cooking utensils while others are more basic equipped with only a lawn chair, a thermos of coffee and a wood stove.  

Ice Fishing Guides in Alberta

There are fishing guides, fishing outfitters and fishing lodges operating in the province of Alberta. The fishing operators provide the expertise, knowledge and equipment. All fishing in Alberta requires a fishing license.

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