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Alberta Museums, Heritage Sites and Historical Landmarks help us remember and honor the important moments embedded in our history. Each Alberta community museum, regional historic landmark, heritage street and/or building, provincial and national historical site celebrates the traditions and innovations of our first pioneers and the language, dance, dress and cultures of our First Nation people.

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Alberta Historical Sites

Alberta, Canada heritage and historical sites celebrate, protect and recognize such destinations as dinosaur archaeological dig sites, land slides, heritage rivers, fur trading posts, North West Mounted Police forts, wildlife sanctuaries, pioneer settlements, historical homesteads and First Nation villages, battle sites and hunting grounds. Some sites are free admission and are as simple as a self guided walk along a pathway decorated with information signs.The more developed sites tend to be paying attractions with an assortment of various services and amenities. Some of the extras may include gift stores, restaurants, art galleries, ancient exhibits, artifacts, movie theatres, board rooms, interpretive tours and actors dressed in period clothing.

Alberta Museums

Almost every community in Alberta has a museum telling the stories of the region. Community and regional museums house important artifacts and provide loads of information detailing the past in the region. There are also specialty museums which operate on a theme and focus on a particular part of our past. For example there are museums which specialize in aviation, farming, dinosaur, natural resources and more. 

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The miniature trains, track and landscape at Iron Horse Park represent the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) from the prairies to the coast. Take the 1.6km interpretive journey aboard one of the 1/8th scale diesel or steam locomotives at the park and get a feeling of what the railway was like in Western Canada during the pioneer days.

820 Railway Gate
Children Welcome
The Didsbury Museum is a recognized provincial museum and an Alberta Provincial Resource. It was built as a school in 1907 and held classes until 1987. It is also referred to as the Red Brick School. Through the years, as well as a school, it was a hospital during the Spanish Influenza epidemic, training area during World War 11 and now a thriving museum maintained by Didsbury and District Historical Society volunteers.

2110 - 21 Ave
T0M 0W0
logo black and white
The Fort Museum is dedicated to preserving the history of the North West Mounted Police and First Nations people from the area. The museum was built and first opened in 1957. In 1973 the Fort started it's world famous NWMP Musical Ride. a tradition that still continues.

219 Jerry Potts Blvd (25th St)
Fort Macleod
T0L 0Z0
Handicap Access
Non-Smoking Area
Children Welcome

114 Creamery Way
We invite you to experience the history, art and culture of these mountains. Connect to the resilient, curious and intelligent men and women who have previously paddled these rivers, painted these landscapes and stood on these peaks.

111 Bear Street
T1L 1A3
The Fort Museum is dedicated to preserving the great story of Fort Macleod, the NWMP, and the First Nations people of Southern Alberta. Come enjoy the Musical Ride, performed 4 times a day with 8 riders and their horses.

219 25th St.,
Fort Macleod
T0L 0Z0
The Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum is a historical, education, and interactive opportunity to explore the history of sport in Alberta. Designated as a major tourist attraction; we are not your typical museum. It is an entertaining place to visi

4200 HWY 2
Red Deer
403 341 8614

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