Southern Lakes Region, Yukon, Canada

The Southern Lakes region of the Yukon is a wilderness destination, surrounded by lakes and mountains - with a rich history of adventure. The Southern Lake communities of Carcross, Teslin & Tagish are located within the borders of the Yukon Territory and the community of Atlin is located, just outside the borders of the Yukon, in the province of British Columbia.

Yukon Territories Photo GalleryCarcross is the largest village in the Southern Lakes. Teslin is the furthest west. Tagish is central. Atlin is the southern terminus of the Southern Lakes region located in the province of British Columbia... but Atlin is unique in that it is accessed from the Yukon via Atlin Road.

Each community is unique in its own way. The services they provide and activities enjoyed varies per village. All Southern Lakes' villages provide tourism and travel opportunities and adventures. Each with a small selection of accommodations, tours, guides and attractions.

The region is rich in beautiful scenery surrounded by a large network of lakes and mountain ranges. Some lakes and mountains carry with them a long history traveled by miners and explored by train during the Klondike Gold Rush days. In fact the Southern Lakes region was the Yukon entry point for many miners and trappers who were departing from Skagway, Alaska, USA in search of riches in the north.

Some miners backpacked over the mountain ranges to the shores of Bennett Lake in Carcross, Yukon via the historic Chilkoot Trail. From Bennett Lake miners would paddle a chain of lakes to the Yukon River. Other miners would arrive on the shores of Atlin Lake in Atlin, BC or Tagish Lake in Tagish, Yukon and paddle north from there.

Today the Southern Lakes region is the cottage country of the Yukon Territory. There are homes, lodges, inns, cottages and cabins perched on the shores of some of the lakes in the region including Marsh, Atlin, Tagish and Teslin Lakes.

The many waterways and mountain peaks provide an ideal landscape for year round adventures. In the summer months some of the activities enjoyed include canoeing, fishing, boating, kayaking, birdwatching, horseback riding, swimming, mountain biking, picnicking, camping, sightseeing, backpacking, hiking, hunting and houseboating.

During the months of falling snow and frozen lakes there are winter activities to enjoy. In the winter months the snow covered roads, trails, mountain valleys and lakes become snowmobile, dog sledding, snowshoeing, cross country routes and ice fishing and heli skiing destinations.


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