Teslin Lake

Detailed Description: Teslin Lake in Teslin, Southern Lakes, Yukon Territories, Canada is situated near the mouth of the Nisutlin River. Teslin Lake was once a transportation waterway and a feeding ground for the Tlingit First Nation people.

The large lake is part of an interconnecting system of lakes, creeks and rivers in the Southern Lakes region of the Yukon. Teslin Lake is one of the larger lakes in the system and is home to a river delta popular for migrating birds and wildlife.

Teslin Lake is 78 kilometres long and 3 kilometres wide in some areas. The south end of the lake crosses over into the the province of British Columbia. The lake is fed by the Teslin River, Jennings River, Nisutlin River and the Hayes River.

Teslin Lake is a recreation lake. There is a viewing platform overlooking Teslin Lake located just outside of the community of Teslin on the Alaska Highway. The viewing platform provides 6 information boards about the lake, wildlife and history of the region. From the viewpoint one can view some of the activities on the lake.

Some of the activities enjoyed on the lake during the summer months include canoeing, boating, sightseeing, fishing, birdwatching, swimming and water skiing. In the winter months the lake is an ice fishing destination and a snowmobile route.

There is a boat launch accessing Teslin Lake with docks and a marina near the big bridge in Teslin on the Alaska Highway. Fishing includes trout, whitefish and salmon. Please be advised a fishing licence is required to fish in the Yukon Territory.

Teslin Lake in Teslin, Southern Lakes, Yukon Territory, Canada



Teslin Lake


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