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Mount Mye Sheep Centre near Faro, Yukon Territories, Robert Campbell Region, Canada

Mount Mye Sheep Centre near Faro, Yukon Territories, Robert Campbell Region, Canada is an interpretive centre located in the wilderness forests situated in the back country near the community of Faro. The interpretive centre is a hiking, sightseeing destination and educational centre for the observation and study of Fannin Sheep.

Fannin Sheep roam the mountain ranges in behind the community of Faro. The sheep are best visible on the slopes during the spring, summer and fall seasons. In June the herd is best viewed from the Mye Mountain area. During the winter months the sheep explore the entire mountain range feeding on exposed mineral licks.

The Mt. Mye Sheep Centre includes a cabin and viewing platform. The cabin is fitted with a wood stove and a supply of wood. There is a large wooden picnic table in the centre of the cabin. The cabin walls are lined with interpretive information about Fannin Sheep.

Outside the cabin is a viewing platform, another picnic table and a large gravel parking lot. There are more interpretive signs located on the outside viewing deck. Most of the signs consist of information detailing the feeding and migrating patterns of the Fannin Sheep. The interpretive signs on the outdoor deck also provide voice recordings.

The Mount Mye Hiking Trail begins at the end of Aex Road. From the trailhead hike for 3 kilometres to the base of the mountain. From the base of the mountain the trail begins a long climb uphill to a mountain ridge.

The route continues climbing the ridge till it reaches the tree line. Once above the tree line the views open up. There are mountains and valleys and from the top of the ridge wildlife viewing is at its best with a possibility to view sheep and caribou.

Hiking in the Yukon mountains is a scenic experience. But is only enjoyable when prepared. Weather conditions on the mountain ranges change quickly. The winds can be strong and temperatures can drop rapidly. When enjoying the mountains always prepare for your adventure by dressing in layers, bringing rain gear, a warm hat and plenty of water.

Be aware you are in Wildlife Country. There are Fannin Sheep, caribou and wolves in the area. When confronted by wildlife always give them the right of way.

Mount Mye Sheep Centre near Faro, Yukon Territories, Robert Campbell Region, Canada



Mount Mye Sheep Centre
Blind Creek Road

How To Get ToMount Mye Sheep Centre

Travel the Campbell Highway (Hwy #4) to the community of Faro, Yukon Territory in Canada. When in Faro travel Mitchell Road to Campbell Street (main entrance into Faro). Turn onto Campbell Street and drive through the village until you reach Blind Creek Road. It is a rough gravel road. Travel the gravel road for 7.5 kilometres. There is a junction in the road. Stay left and the road continues to the interpretive centre at the base of Sheep Mountain. Road is not suitable for motorhomes.
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