Campbell Region (Highway #4), Yukon, Canada

The Campbell Region of the Yukon Territory, Canada is the least populated of the regions in the Yukon. Faro and Ross River are the two communities located in the region. It is a region known as a remote and rugged wilderness environment with plenty of wildlife, amazing scenery and outdoor adventures.

Yukon Territories Photo GalleryThe community of Faro is located on the banks of the Pelly River on the Tintina Trench. The trench, one of the largest in North America, along with the surrounding mountains are migration routes for wildlife like Sandhill cranes, Tundra swans, Fannin sheep, Caribou and Peregrine falcons. Faro provides various developed wildlife viewing destinations.

Ross River is located where the Pelly and Ross Rivers meet. The village is a Kaska First Nation community. It is a small transportation centre servicing travelers on the Canol Road and Robert Service Highway. The village operates the regions only gas station and a cable river ferry connecting North and South Canol Roads.

Both the Canol Road and the Robert Service Highway provide travelers an alternative to the Alaska Highway and Klondike Highway route when exploring the Yukon. However, the Campbell Region routes follow back country, gravel roads. these are roads with pot holes, rib rattlers and mud. Always carry a spare tire when traveling in the Campbell Region.

Being a remote region, there are very few tour operators in the region, therefore many of the adventures are self guided. And self guided adventures require good planning prior to departure - so please plan ahead with good equipment and common sense.

As a reminder remember this is remote wilderness with many species of wildlife. Depending on the adventure there may be opportunties to cross paths with wildlife like bears, wolves, fox, lynx, beaver, moose and mountain sheep.

During the summer months some of the activities enjoyed include hiking, backpacking, wilderness camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, boating, picnicking, swimming and mountain biking.

During the winter months the vast network of gravel roads and recreation trails in the region become snowmobile and cross country ski routes. When the temperatures drop and the lakes freeze over they become ice fishing destinations. Many of the routes and lakes are remote and undeveloped so please check conditions prior to all departures.

eh! Plan to Visit the Campbell Region of the Yukon today.

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