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Norman Wells Travel, Tourism, Adventure

Norman Wells is a small community located in the Mackenzie Delta region of the Northwest Territory, Canada. The Mackenzie Delta wilderness region is isolated, scenic and remote. It includes the Mackenzie River, the Mackenzie Mountains and Great Bear Lake.

Northwest Territories Photo GalleryThe community of Norman Wells is situated on the banks of the mighty Mackenzie River. Up the Mackenzie River is the community of Hay River, NWT and Great Slave Lake. Down the river is the community of Inuvik, NWT, the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean. The Mackenzie River is the transportation route for Norman Wells year round.

There is no summer road access to Norman Wells. Summer travel is on the river and in the air. In the winter months, the Mackenzie River becomes part of an ice road which then connects vehicles to the communities of Fort Simpson (south) and Inuvik (north).

Norman Wells is an oil and gas community with a good selection of services for travelers. Some of the services important to travelers include accommodations, tours, outfitters, restaurants, grocery store, laundromat, bank, gas station, coffee shop and airport.

During the summer months the Mackenzie River, Mackenzie Mountains and Great Bear Lake are destinations for many adventures like kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, boating, birdwatching, wildlife watching and backpacking.

For the avid backpacker and survivalist there is the 372 kilometre Canol Heritage Trail. It is one of the most rugged backpacking routes in Canada exploring wetlands, mountains, rivers, canyons and tundra.

During the winter months the rivers and lakes freeze, the snow falls and the waterways become snowmobile, cross country ski routes and ice fishing destinations.

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