Flightseeing Tours in Northwest Territories


During the Northwest Territory early years air travel played a big part in the development of the region. The planes connected communities and delivered supplies to remote camps, villages and mines. There were no roads and the rivers and air, at the time, were the transportation routes for many during the pioneer years.

flightseeing tour northwest territories

Today, the air industry still plays a large role in the Northwest Territory servicing remote camps, mines, oil sites and villages. But times have changed and services have been added. One such addition to the air industry are sightseeing tours - air tours otherwise called flightseeing tours.

Access Remote Lakes and Mountains

Floatplanes provide access to remote lakes, rivers and mountain areas of the Northwest Territory. They often provide the transportation for accessing remote drop off points for backpacking, canoe and rafting adventures. Areas which are otherwise hard to access on foot, waterway or vehicle.

Absolutely Amazing Sightseeing

Floatplanes and 2 wheeled planes provide flightseeing tours. These are tours which fly over mountains, lakes, deltas, tundra, oceans, islands, wildlife herds, parks and heritage rivers. Most N.W.T. communities have floatplane charters and air charters providing flightseeing tours.

Top Flightseeing Destinations

Some of the top flightseeing tour destinations in and around the Northwest Territory include the Virginia Falls in the Nahanni National Park Reserve, The Mackenzie Mountains, the Mackenzie Delta, Dodo Canyon, Carcajou Falls, Wood Buffalo Park , Tuktut Nogait National Park and the Aulavik National Park.

There are many flightseeing destinations to explore in the Northwest Territory. Too many to list here. However, each N.W.T. community listed on this tourism website provides the descriptions and pictures for most of the popular flightseeing destinations. And listed under each community are the participating tour companies and outfitters, their contact information and more photos.

Enjoy your air time in the N.W.T., Canada Eh!

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