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What You Need To Know About Snowmobiling in the NWT

Snowmobiling in the Northwest Territories is a fact of life. During the winter months, the snowmobile is the preferred mode of winter transportation on the ground. After the temperatures drop and the rivers and lakes freeze over they become the highways of the north for travel and recreation. It is during the winter months when many of the rivers become major ice roads and snowmobile transportation highways connecting to smaller backcountry roads, gravel highways, cut lines, recreation trails and frozen tundra.

Popular NWT Snow Mobile Routes

In many cases the frozen rivers and lakes throughout the Northwest Territories are the preferred snowmobile routes to explore. The Mackenzie River - the longest river and the Great Slave Lake - biggest lake - are both good examples of popular snowmobile routes.

Sledding The Ice Roads in the Northwest Territories

Ice Roads are also snowmobile routes. Some are alot busier than others. One of the busiest ice roads in N.W.T. is the Mackenzie River. In the north the river is a major route for snowmobiles traveling from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. Another busy route is the ice road located at the end of the Ingraham Trail near Yellowknife which explores the Barrenlands deep into the Arctic. There are ice roads with less traffic like the route connecting the Liard Highway to Nahanni Butte and the route connecting the Waterfall Highway with Trout Lake.

Snowmobile Rentals, Tours and Resorts in Northwest Territories

Snowmobile equipment rentals and gear are available in a few of the NWT communities. In those same communities are the headquarters for most of the tours, guides, outfitters and wilderness resorts who provide snowmobile adventures.

Featured Northwest Territories, NWT, Canada Snowmobiling Attractions, Guides, and Tours

There are many snowmobiling destinations to explore in the Northwest Territories. Each N.W.T. community listed on this tourism website provides detailed descriptions and pictures for many of the popular snowmobiling destinations. Listed under each community are the participating sledding tour companies and outfitters, their contact information and more photos.

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