Canoeing & Kayaking in Northwest Territories
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Canoeing - Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking in the Northwest Territory is two of the most popular activities in the region. The many connecting N.W.T. lakes and rivers provide a good selection of paddle routes and sightseeing opportunities for both the self guided and guided canoe adventure.

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Guided Canoe Tours

There are self guided and guided day trips and long haul multi day paddle adventures located throughout the territory. Guided canoe adventures include an interpretive and knowledgeable guide, lessons and equipment. Guided multi day tours may include accommodations, meals and entertainment.

Paddle Routes

There are many Northwest Territory paddle routes for all skill levels located throughout the region. There are paddle routes exploring heritage rivers; deep canyons; tributaries of deltas; lake coves and waterfalls.

Multi day paddle routes require good planning. Be sure to identify put-in and take-out points located along the river to avoid rapids and waterfalls. Be prepared as many routes include portages. And each paddle route will have marked and designated wilderness camping sites. Some remote canoe adventures require air travel to access put-in points.

Top Canoeing Lakes

There are many lakes in the Northwest Territory which are popular canoe paddle destinations. Some are very easy to access like Great Slave Lake near Hay River and Yellowknife. While others take some effort to access like Great Bear Lake.

Top River Routes for Canoeing

There are many river routes in the Northwest Territory popular for canoeing including Canada's longest river - the Mackenzie River. Some of the other notable canoe routes include the South Nahanni River, Slave River, the Ingraham Trail and the Mackenzie Delta.

There are many smaller rivers also connecting with bigger rivers and lakes like the Liard, Fort Nelson and Petitot Rivers near Fort Liard. The Hay, Trout and Kakisa Rivers near Fort Providence.

There is a long list of canoe routes to explore in the Northwest Territory. Too many to list here. Each N.W.T. community listed on this tourism website provides the descriptions and pictures for most of the popular canoe routes and destinations. And listed under each community are the participating tour companies and outfitters, their contact information and more photos.

Enjoy canoeing in the N.W.T., Canada from the EH Team!

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