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marina_in_village 008
The Gibsons Waterfront Seawalk explores along the coastline of Gibsons Harbour revealing the marine atmosphere of the community, as well as, providing beautiful marine scenery.
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armours_beach 001
Armours Beach is a popular beach close to the village of Gibsons. Armours also provides a small wharf, a picnic area, a clubhouse and is home to the local populations "Polar Bear Swim"
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Gambier Island is located out in Howe Sound past Woolridge Island (smaller island between Sunshine Coast and Gambier Island). Gambier Island is a hiking, biking, camping, kayaking and boating rural retreat with many bays for moorage, camping and hiking trails.
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winegarden_waterfront_park 004
Winegarden Waterfront Park is located downtown Gibsons on the waterfront near the marina and yacht club. The park was a group effort by the community to provide a comfortable, clean area for sightseeing, walking and relaxing.
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The 8 square kilometres (3 square miles) Keats Island is a hiking, biking, kayaking and boating rural island with many hidden bays for moorage and hiking trails to explore.
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sprockids_mountain_bike_park 004
The Sprockids Park covers over 14 km of trails (8.4 Mi.) with roots, jumps, ramps, teeter-bars and downhill. Mountain biking is a very popular activity on the Sunshine Coast.
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soames_hill_trail_and_soames_point 008
Soames Hill is a straight up 1 km (0.6 mi.). A steep hike, with hundreds of stairs, that rewards you in two ways.
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k2_trail 001
The Knob 2 hiking trail enjoys navigating the side of Mount Elphinstone (4,137 feet/1261 m).Prepare well with water and good hiking boots, as it takes 2 hours one way, 4 hours round trip and that is not taking into consideration the long picnic many enjoy at the summit
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chaster_park 003
Chaster Park is located in Gibsons on the lower portion of the Sunshine Coast. The area is a popular day use destination for picnics, beach walks and beach combing, especially at low tide.
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