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Keats Island is located out in Howe Sound opposite the community of Gibsons on the Sechelt Peninsula. The 8 square kilometres (3 square miles) Keats Island is a hiking, biking, kayaking and boating rural island with many hidden bays for moorage and hiking trails to explore. From the lower Sunshine Coast side, the closest communities are Port Mellon and Gibsons, BC.

Keats Island is named after Sir Richard Goodwin Keats. He was the captain of the HMS Superb in 1803. Keats Island is best accessed by personal boat, kayak, water taxi or by the Dogwood Princess passenger-only ferry from Gibsons' Langdale ferry terminal.

Keats Island is centred around the two government wharves. One wharf is Keats Landing on the west coast part the island facing Gibsons, and then the other wharf is Eastbourne on the southeast coastline of the island. The locals on Keats share the island with some wildlife like sea birds, deer and bears who swim to the island from nearby land masses.

Keats Island has a circle route ideal for exploring by foot or bike. The circle route is 12.8 km (7.5 mi) long and circumnavigates the island. Because of the many look out points, lounging beaches and the opportunity to view wildlife, the route varies in time to complete.
Keats Island, Howe Sound, Gibsons, BC, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada


Keats Island

How To Get ToKeats Island

From the Gibsons Harbour in Langdale to Keats Island and back again by motorized boat is only 15-20 minute trip each way depending on the weather conditions.
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