Gibsons Waterfront Seawalk

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Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Dog Walking
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Gibsons Waterfront Seawalk

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The Gibsons Waterfront Seawalk introduces explorers to the sights and sounds of Gibsons shoreline and ocean views meandering along the coastline beneath the village in Gibsons Landing. The BC community is on the most southern point of the lower Sunshine Coast.

The Seawalk explores along the coastline of Gibsons Harbour revealing the marine atmosphere of the community. The area is always busy with boats coming and going, people walking the pier and taking pictures. An opportunity to get a good sense of the community and the active coastline populated with sea birds and marine boats.

The best access to the Seawalk is located at the Government Wharf found in the hub of Gibsons BC, right next to the very recognizable "Molly's Reach Restaurant". Take the stairway down by Molly's Reach to the pathway. At the bottom of the stairs - take a left turn, the seawalk strolls underneath some shops and eventually leads down to Armours Beach.

At the bottom of the steps, a right turn follows the beach to a memorial of George Gibson and what looks like a dead end to exploring. But no, to the right is a path to Marine Drive. Take it and look for the alleyway with the steep red roof home. Follow the alley and continue walking along the coastline to the yacht club.

Gibsons BC Seawalk, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada


Gibsons Waterfront Seawalk

How To Get ToGibsons Waterfront Seawalk

The best access to the Seawalk is located by the Government Wharf on the waterfront in the community of Gibsons BC.
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