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Bourbor Falls Trail in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, Canada is a short 800 metre path connecting to a cliff side viewpoint looking out over a river at Boubor Falls. The 1 hour return hike provides a great opportunity to view a towering waterfall without a long, hard hike.
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1 kilometre one-way path (2 kilometres return trip) leading to a beautiful waterfall located near the community. The path first explores along a high mountain ridge and then drops into a canyon forest of Lodgepole Pine, Trembling Aspen and White Spruce trees.. then treats you to a waterfall.
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A birdwatching destination complete with viewing platforms, birdhouses, sightseeing benches and boardwalk bridges. Once a glaciofluvial meltwater channel, the wetland eco system today is covered with oxbow lakes, grass meadows and died up waterways from beaver dams.
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A 2 kilometre one-way path (4 kilometres return trip) leading to a series of river pools and dinosaur tracks. The hike follows a pine needle cushioned trail along a ridge, into a forest and out to three pools - The Cabin, Overehanging Rock and Top Pools.
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Gwillim Provincial Park is popular for many who enjoy camping, hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, canoeing, fishing, windsurfing, water skiing, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, horseback riding and backpacking.
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A 2.5 kilometre one-way path (5 kilometres return trip) leading to a remote waterfall. The narrow path explores through a dense forest, following and crossing creeks, climbing up and down, leading all explorers to the top of Jade Falls.
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A beautiful wilderness 4.5 kilometre return hike exploring a forest, passing beaver dams, discovering fossils, exploring caves, stopping at viewpoints and wetland ponds.
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A one-way 1.5 kilometre path (3 kilometre return trip) exploring through a forest along a narrow pine needle cushioned trail ending with peek-a-boo views of Nesbitts Falls on Waterfall Creek.
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The Lower Viewpoint Trail is a short 200 metre walk to a large wooden viewing platform looking out onto the falls, up Murray River and out over the whole valley. A 60 metre waterfall located in Monkman Provincial Park situated on the Murray River in the Hart Ranges of the Rocky Mountains.
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The 62,867 hectare park includes a campground, wilderness campsites and features the 60 metre Kinuseo Waterfall and the 72 kilometre Monkman Trail exploring mountains, lakes, and raging rivers finding waterfalls.
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The moderate hiking route provides explorers with far reaching canyon, river and mountain views. The route is an opportunity to view Murray Canyon while learning about the local flora and fauna.
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