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Tumbler Ridge, BC, Canada

Tumbler Ridge, B.C. is a small village tucked away at the base of the Rocky Mountain Foothills in the southern wilderness regions of Peace River Country. The Tumbler Ridge region is best known for its abundance of waterfall trails and dinosaur fossils. The region boosts some of the best hiking trails exploring the wilderness country in the Peace River region.

Tumbler Ridge, BC Photo GalleryThe Village of Tumbler Ridge centres around a few main streets. The streets are mostly lined with shops and commercial businesses. For travelers the community has the amenities required for servicing a trip - just not many of them. There is a gas station, accommodations, a bank, ATMs, a grocery store, coffee shop and some retail stores.

The attraction of Tumbler Ridge is the surrounding mountains, forests, lakes and rivers. It is a vast wilderness environment to enjoy year round adventures. In the summer months the wilderness country attracts hikers, campers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, birdwatchers, canoers, wind surfers, boaters and people who fish.

In the winter activities like snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ice fishing, ice climbing and snowshoeing are popular.

The trail system in Tumbler Ridge is top notch providing many different types of adventures. Most trails provide amazing scenery with many of the trails leading to waterfalls and lookouts. Some of the local popular hikes worth exploring include the Flatbed Falls Trail and the Flatbed Pools Trail. Each trail is well signed, maintained and marked.

Monkman Park is one of the more rugged and remote provincial parks in British Columbia, Canada. The park is massive with much to see. Some of the adventures worth exploring in the park include the Kinuseo Falls Trail, the Stone Corral Trail, the Jade Falls Trail and the Monkman Trail.

The region around Tumbler Ridge is home to many species of wildlife. The vast forest. The wildlife roaming in the region includes the Black and Grizzly Bear, moose, Bald Eagle, deer, cougar, caribou, coyote, wolf and much more. Exploring the backcountry trails and gravel roads in the region provides a good opportunity to view wildlife.

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