Sukunka Falls Provincial Park

Tumbler Ridge

Park Size: 360 Hectares

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Camping Rec. Site
Dog Walking
Horseback Riding
Pet Friendly

Sukunka Falls Tumbler Ridge BC

Waterfalls of British Columbia Canada

Parks, Trails and Waterfalls in the Peace Region of Northern BC

Sukunka Falls Tumbler Ridge BC was established in 1981 and sits on 360 hectares on park. The first dinosaur footprint to be discovered in the Peace Region of Northern BC was found below the main falls in 2015. The hindfoot of the Ankylosaur can be found in the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre in Tumbler Ridge BC.

Hiking Down to the Sukunka Falls Tumbler Ridge BC

There are no marked/ delevloped trails to hike around this park. There is a path going down to the falls which is fairly steep so please use your judgment on the safest route down. There is a view point at the top of the falls as well as a view of the falls when you get to the bottom. The view of the falls is stunning and definitely worth the hike.

Camping at Sukunka Falls

Wilderness camping is allowed here however there are no facilities provided.

Fishing The Sukunka River

The Sukunka River is home to Bull Trout, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout and Rocky Mountain Whitefish. Please remember anyone fishing in BC waters must have the appropiate fishing licence and understand the regulations.


The Sukunka River drops 50 meters from one of the park to the other. The water below the Sukunka Falls in Tumbler Ridge BC can be navigated by canoe or riverboat however always use caution as the Sukunka River can be challenging to even the most experienced boaters or canoeists.

Wildlife Viewing

There are plenty of oportunities to stop and view wildlife in the park. The wildlife that do inhabit the park are black bear, moose, lynx, wolf and hare. If you would like to go bird watching, bald eagles, loons, grebes, and spruce grouse can be spotted here.

Sukunka Falls Provincial Park Safety
Please keep in mind this is an active service road so please yield to the oncoming trucks. There are plenty of pull outs along the way that you can safely pull over and let them pass, and turn on your radio frequency to maintain radio contact with the trucks. I have travelled this road many times and have never had any issues.

Sukunka Falls Tumbler Ridge BC

Warterfalls in the Peace Region of Northern BC Canada




Sukunka Falls Provincial Park
Tumbler Ridge

How To Get ToSukunka Falls Provincial Park

Sukunka Falls Provincial Park is located 45 km south of Chetwynd BC on Highway 29 Don Phillips Way and then onto the Sukunka Forest Service Road at the 22km mark. Stay on the Sukunka Forest Service Road and at Km 21 you will see a pullout with an area to park and a view of the falls.

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