Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park


Trail Length: 2.4 kilometre

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:

Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada... to some accessing the 298 hectare park is all about hiking the trail. The gravel roads leading up the mountain to the hike are rough deactivated roads that are no longer maintained. So, unless you are comfortable driving a small 4x4 the last portion of this route should not be attempted.

There is an area to park a vehicle 1.3 kilometres before the trailhead avoiding the most treacherous part pf the road. The gravel roads taken to the Sleeping Beauty Trail starts off as the same route used to access Pine Lake and Redsands Provincial Park.

The 2.4 kilometre trail explores the alpine environment in the region providing hikers with scenic views. The steep route leads all hikers through alpine meadows, pass small ponds and up to an alpine mountain lake. In the spring the alpine meadows burst into colors and scents worthy of a visit.

The first part of the hike is following a tunnel of berry bushes and small trees for 600 metres. The trail then heads up from there following a one kilometre series of switchbacks climbing the side of the mountain. Once at the top, the trail levels out and continues until you reach an open massive meadow and some fantastic views of Terrace BC.

For the hearty hiker and if 2-3 hours of time has been allocated for the extended version of this hike then there is a trail leading to more lakes and to 3 various mountain peaks seen to the west. To access the peaks stay south of the ridge and continue hiking the unmarked path. The second peak provides another lake and incredible views of the mountains.

This trail is designated as a hiker only trail therefore no mountain bikers permitted. Although the massive network of gravel roads leading to the trail are heavily used in the summer by mountain bikers and off roading vehicles. In the winter the roads transform into snowmobile routes and xc skiing trails.

Explore Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada



Sleeping Beauty Mountain Park
Erlandsen FSR

How To Get ToSleeping Beauty Mountain Park

Travel Hwy 16 west of Terrace, BC pass Fishermans Park, cross the Kitsumkalum River and take a right (north) immediately after the gas station onto the West Kalum Forest Service Road. Follow the brown directional signs for 8-9 kilometres abd take a left on Erlandsen FSR. From there proceed for another 10 kilometres to an unofficial parking area at the foot of the final section of the road before the trailhead. It is a 1.3 kilometres stretch straight up to the trailhead marked by a very small sign sunk into a rock slide. Parking is limited at the trailhead and there is little room to turn around. Might consider parking at the bottom parking area.
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