Pine Lake Trail


Trail Length: 6.7 kilometre (3.8 mi.)

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wilderness Camp
Mountain Biking

Pine Lake Trail in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada itself is a peaceful destination surrounded by forest trees, wetland bogs and looming snowcapped mountains. On many visits to this remote lake destination, all is quiet, except for the hum of the wind blowing through the forest, the splash of fish jumping in the lake and the music of songbirds hidden in the trees.

Circling the lake is a well maintained 6.7 kilometre (3.8 mi.) trail used by hikers and mountain bikers. The route follows, a mainly, hard packed earthy trail crossing over many bridges and boardwalk which protect the most ecological sensitive areas in the region. The entire route should take no longer than 2-3 hours on foot to complete.

The region around Pine Lake is filled with many adventures suitable for explorers who like to hike, mountain bike and fish in the summer months and/or cross country ski during the winter months. When fishing in the lake there are trout to be had. Although it is recommend to bring a canoe or belly boat to access the deep areas of the lake or, you might have to hike the loop trail in search of some good shoreline fishing locations.

On the shores of the lake are some designated areas for wilderness camping accessed by a gravel road - each with fantastic views of the lake, picnic tables and fire pits. Each camping area has pit toilets and connects to the loop trail exploring around the lake. Campsites are very limited and all campers must supply their own firewood.

There is a roof top boat launch for canoes and we found some man-made rafts also good for accessing the middle of the lake (but who knows if they are still there). The Pine Lake area is very pristine and magical so please respect the environment and remember this is also the home to wildlife like Black Bears, Moose, Wolf, dear and many bird species.

The gravel roads leading to the Pine lake region are heavily used by trucks and large logging equipment. There are pot holes and plenty of dust kicked up on a dry day. Please pay special attention to the trail and park directional signs while traveling the gravel roads because their are many offshoot roads leading to the other recreation destinations worth exploring in the area like the Redsands Lake Park and the Sleepy Beauty Mountain Trail.

Explore Pine Lake Trail in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada



Pine Lake Trail
Kalum FSR (Forest Service Road)

How To Get ToPine Lake Trail

Travel Hwy 16 west of Terrace, BC pass Fishermans Park, over the Kalum River Bridge and take a right immediately after the gas station onto the Kalum FSR (Forest Service Road). Follow the brown directional signs for 13-14 kilometres to the Pine Lake turn off which will appear on your left (1/2 drive). Close to Pine Lake, a lake appears on your left - do not be fooled this is a nice picnic site referred to as Glory Hole. Continue past Glory Hole on the gravel road to the Pine Lake turn off which is poorly mark with a small sign with Pine Lake on it. Turn here and continue down the narrow road for a short distance to the wilderness campsite.
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