Heritage Walking Trail


Difficulty: Easy - Family
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Heritage Walking Trail in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada is a self guided trip down memory lane exploring historical destinations. Two such highlights include the site where Canada’s longest and largest military mutiny occurred... true story... and the historical buildings of the Heritage Park Museum.

The southern portion of the Heritage Walking Tour is an easy grade walk following along some of the historic main streets found in the downtown core of the community like Lakelse Avenue. This portion of the trail follows paved sidewalks passing store fronts, art galleries and heritage buildings.

The northern portion of the tour is an uphill walk (up the bench) leading to the Heritage Park Museum and some fantastic views over looking the community of Terrace, BC. The pathway follows a dirt path and side streets, some leading to open areas and residential neighbourhoods while other sections of the trail trek through trees and parks.

The Terrace Heritage Walking Tour is within walking distance to connecting with other trails in the area like the Howe Creek Trail and the Terrace Mountain Trail.

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Heritage Walking Trail
Grieg Avenue

How To Get ToHeritage Walking Trail

From Hwy 16 in centre of Terrace, British Columbia - at the bridge and traffic lights veer onto Grieg Avenue and follow it into town. Turn right onto any of the sides streets leading to Lakelse Avenue and park. From here you can walk the whole trail south to north.
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