Fisherman's Memorial Park


Park Amenities:
Boat Launch

Fisherman's Memorial Park in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada is a restored park ideal for launching boats and for road weary travelers to pull in for a lunch break while enjoying some river views and marine activity.

Fisherman’s Park is separated by the Kalum River forming two distinct parks, one on each side of the river - both within the community of Terrace , British Columbia, Canada. Today, the park includes out houses, viewing benches, a picnic table and a new boat launch. The park was dedicated to a local fisherman named Trevor Wayne Olson by the volunteer group responsible for the park improvements.

The east side of the park has a large parking lot for boat trailers. There is an information board posted with local warnings and alerts. But ... there is no overnight camping or parking permitted in this portion of the park.

Kitsumkalum Fisherman’s Park is a twin park located on the west bank of the Kalum River across from the above mentioned Fisherman’s Park. This park also enjoys a large parking area but allows overnight camping for a fee for self-contained campers.

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Fisherman's Memorial Park
Highway 16

How To Get ToFisherman's Memorial Park

Really easy. Stay on Highway 16 traveling to the west side of the community of Terrace, BC. It is located on the left side of the highway just before Kalum River Bridge.
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