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Kimberley, BC, Canada

Kootenays, British Columbia travel

Travel to Kimberley BC and you will find a mountain village situated in the Rocky Mountain Trench located in between the Purcell and Rocky Mountain Ranges in the southeastern section of the province of British Columbia, Canada.

The second highest community in Canada with an elevation of 1,110 metres (3663 ft) above sea level. The high elevation mountain environment is ideal for year round tourism and recreation.

Northstar Mountain is home to the Kimberley Alpine Resort which is a popular adventure destination in the area during winter for skiing and snowboarding... and mountain biking and hiking during the summer sunshine months.

Popular sightseeing and adventures include Northstar Mountain, Kimberley Nature Park and the Mark Creek Nature Trail. The Mark Creek Trail connects the community of Kimberley with the village of Marysville.

The downtown European square in the Village of Kimberley, " The Platzl" is pedestrian only. There are stores, shops, boutiques, flower gardens and the largest cuckoo clock in Canada. Because of the german architecture and mountain setting, Kimberley is named the "Bavarian City of the Rockies".

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