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Searching for Canada’s Top Canadian Travel Influencer in 2018

Canadian Travel Influencer

Canada’s Top Canadian Travel Influencer

The search is on for Canada’s Top 2018 Canadian Travel Influencer ( #CanadianTravelInfluencer )

“The 2018 top tourism business and non business participant on ehCanadaTravel.com at year end will be awarded prizes for their interaction and content contribution to Canada.”

ehCanadaTravel.com is looking for Canada’s next Top Canadian Travel Influencer in 2018.  The 2018 top tourism business and non business influencer on ehCanadaTravel.com at year end will be awarded prizes (listed below)!  To track the effectiveness, consistency and quality of interactions the travel website has created a points system tracking all  interactions performed by registered Canadian Travel Influencers (business and personal) on their website. And they are serious when they say every interaction.

The new social travel (social media and content marketing) points system awards registered tourism businesses, travel bloggers, photographers, event marketers, book publishers, transportation companies and Canadians for interacting, creating posts and writing content on the ehCanadaTravel.com website.  To participate one must be a registered business or person (traveler or local) . If you would like to be recognized as a Canadian Travel Influencer here is how you start. Link to learn more.

Canadian Travel Influencer Points System

The points system encourages all users to participate in the creation of posts and content, as well as, interacting with each other. There are 125 interactions in total one can receive or be deducted points for. Here is a small sample of the interactions which can earn you points… or not.  Visit this link for the complete list.

Canadian Travel Influencer Points Sytem

Canadian Travel Influencer Leader Board

All Canadian Travel Influencer points are reset to zero for 2018 and may the best Canadian Travel Influencer win! You can watch the race on the Leader Board during the year on our website and on your personal Social Travel Profile page (registered users only).   A Social Travel Profile is your personal page for all your interactions and home to your scrolling community wall with a history of all your posts and created content. Here is a look at a sample Leader Board. Click link to view entire Leader Board.

Canadian Travel Influencer Leader Board

Canadian Travel Influencer Prizes

  • Top Tourism Business receives:
    $300 of free advertising for the 2019 season on top of what they are currently spending. 
  • Top Traveler or Local (non business) receives:
    $300 gift certificate to apply towards a Canadian adventure. Adventure must be booked through participating tourism businesses listed on ehCanadaTravel.com.

Rules and Regulations

In February 2019 the team at ehCanadaTravel.com will announce Canada’s TOP Travel Influencer! 

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