Canadian Award Badges

Your Accomplishments Are Always Recognized

“With each badge you achieve it is posted on your Social Profile”

New to are our Canadian Award Badges. When you update your advertising listings, your business profile or social profile you receive “social points”. But it does not stop there. Every interaction, every like,  every friend request, every testimonial, every business, park, trail review, every comment,  every new content page written,  every social share and every time you access our NEW messaging system to talk with other tourism businesses, bloggers, publishers and photographers you receive “social points”.  With each badge you achieve it is posted on your Social Profile.

Canadian Award Badges

Not only are interactions, updates and content earning you badges, and some social cred, but they are creating another little ad about your business, blog, photography floating around on the internet directing travelers to your business.  More ads, the better odds, of connecting with the travelers and generating revenues, and/or increasing your likes and follows on your own Facebook, Twitter, etc social media pages. 

So what types of badges can you earn? Below are two samples. There are over 30 badges to achieve. 

Points Achiever Badge

Photogenic Badge

Every member has a “Dashboard” page when they log in. It is your base camp for updating advertising, interaction and for content creation. On your “Dashboard”, down the left hand side, is a link called achievements. Everybody’s profile has this. Click on it to view the list of badges a particular Travel Influencer (Member) has been awarded so far, just like the diagram below. 


Canadian Badge Awards

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