A Traveler Xmas PoemA Traveler Xmas Poem

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays from ehCanadaTravel.com

Well, it is December, and 2017 is almost here
Another year of travel ahead, having no fear
Today I celebrate family during this winter freeze
We gather this season around a Xmas tree

There will be smiles shining bright
As we travel long hours to meet up tonight
During this season I will take pictures galore
Because that is what a Canadian Travel Influencer does and so much more

Xmas is here and yes, it is fun
So much snow in Canada, there is enough for everyone
My thoughts go back to a few months ago
Before my photos where posted and they had nowhere to go

My photos are great, I was told they were rare
I so wanted to assist travelers and was hoping to share
As the holiday rolls on, my camera is full
I can hardly wait to share as I have a handful

My photos bring joy for when times seem tough
They make me happy, but that is never enough
Now my photos help others explore this great land
There is no better feeling than creating Canada’s brand

I am so thankful eh Canada Travel is here
They work hard promoting tourism without any fear
I’m thankful now that we have a platform to share
It is good to live in this great country I must declare

I have made many decisions in the past
But nothing has grown my business this fast
Being a Canadian Travel Influencer is a dream come true
Thank you eh Canada Travel for celebrating tourism through and through

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Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays from ehCanadaTravel.com

We hope all your travel dreams come true and you enjoyed our little Xmas Poem.

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