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Badlands Motel, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada Road Trip

Badlands Motel, Drumheller Alberta

The Badlands Motel, Drumheller, Alberta

“… wonderful hosts that go out of their way to make your stay a comfortable and a memorable one.”

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Badlands Motel, Drumheller AlbertaThe Badlands Motel is located at 801 North Dinosaur Trail in the scenic Southern Alberta Town of Drumheller, also referred to as “Dinosaur Valley”.

Only a 1hr and 15 minute drive NE of Calgary, this bustling quaint town is home to the World’s Largest Dinosaur, the Royal Tyrell Museum and the famous Badlands Hoo Doo rock formations.

The Badlands Motel has clean and very comfortable rooms to suit singles, couples and families. The amenities at The Badlands Motel include free WiFi, TV’s, fridges, microwaves, coffee makers and an on-site restaurant.

Badlands Motel, Drumheller AlbertaThe restaurant is called WHIFS Flapjack House and aside from having one of the best breakfasts in the valley, there is also a working model train suspended from the ceiling. Model train lovers and kids alike enjoy this added entertainment while waiting for their orders.

This cozy 23 room motel has great views of the coulees across the street. The bright single queen rooms, double queen rooms and newly renovated family suites with two separate bedrooms provide lots of space at the kitchen table to relax and plan your next sightseeing adventures.

Close by you will find many attractions to entertain, such as the Midland Mine, Horse Thief Canyon, the Suspension Bridge and the Atlas Coal Mine. In downtown Drumheller there are opportunities for shopping and a host of great restaurants for dining.

Badlands Motel, Drumheller AlbertaJust across the street from the Badlands Motel are some of the scenic coulees that make up the Badlands of Alberta. This region of Alberta is famous for it’s rich deposits of fossils, including Dinosaur bones. Some of the largest Dinosaur fossil finds have been in the Drumheller Valley.

Wildlife abounds in and around the coulees where you might just see some Coyotes, Deer, Moose, Jack Rabbits and an abundance of various birds that call the coulees their home.

Badlands Motel owner Jay Lee & his family are wonderful hosts that go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and a memorable one and they hope you will come stay with them soon.

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Badlands Motel
801 North Dinosaur Trail
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
T0J 0Y1
Local:(403) 823.5155
Email: motelbadlands@gmail.com

Drumheller  calls itself, “Dinosaur Valley”. The community is well known as a top destination in the world for fossil digs and dinosaurs. Surrounded by a valley of hoo doos and coulees the Badlands community enjoys many attractions, parks and hiking trails focusing on the history of dinosaurs.

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