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Drumheller Alberta’s Rustic Red Barn Antiques


RUSTIC RED BARN ANTIQUES – Drumheller, Alberta

Rustic Red Barn Antiques, Drumheller, Alberta

Rustic Red Barn Antiques

” Visiting the Rustic Red Barn is not just about antique shopping, it is also about fun and history.”

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The Rustic Red Barn is an antique shopping experience located 15 minutes northwest of Drumheller, just past scenic Horse Thief Canyon in the southern part of the Province of Alberta known as the Badlands. The beautiful 2 story barn was built in the 1930’s.

Rustic Red Barn Antiques, Drumheller, Alberta

Gord and Cory King

Today, it is home to over 50+ years of antiques, history and collectibles. Visiting the Rustic Red Barn is not just about antique shopping, it is also about fun and history.

Gord King, owner of The Rustic Red Barn, has been collecting antiques for over 50 years. His antique life started with a clock. One clock led to two and then it continued to grow and grow as did his passion for collecting “things”.

At one time, Gord was the largest dealer at the local Flea Market with 20 stalls but that was before moving into the Rustic Red Barn. Today, you can find Gord along with his son Cory exploring the Province of Alberta seeking out wonderful treasures to stock their barn shelves with quality antiques and collectibles.

Rustic Red Barn Antiques, Drumheller, Alberta

Game Wall

The moment you enter the antique barn you can see and feel the pride both Gord and Cory have in their collections. There are beautiful displays everywhere you look. The displays are categorized into sections for ease of browsing. There are sections of the barn dedicated to furniture, records, bottles, games, signs, photos, housewares, books, tools and games. There is so much to look at you could spend an entire day browsing the aisles and shelves.

Rustic Red Barn Antiques, Drumheller, Alberta

Rustic Red Barn Antiques

Personally for me, picking through the vintage board games really took me back in time to game nights at my Grandparents cottage. I guess creating and recalling memories are just two of many benefits of shopping at The Rustic Red Barn. There are so many fabulous items to

see at the Rustic Red Barn it’s truly an excellent way to spend a few very enjoyable hours or an entire afternoon.

Rustic Red Barn Antiques, Drumheller, Alberta

Rustic Red Barn Welcomes The World

Gord and Cory really know their antiques and are happy to share their knowledge and stories with the many visitors who come by each day. The father & son team indicated that three to four thousand travelers from all around the world come to visit the Rustic Red Barn each year from such far away destinations as New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Dubai just to name a few.

Looking for a certain piece to add to your collection? Gord and Cory have a ‘Looking For’ book where you can add your email and what antique piece you need and they will do their best to find it for you.

Shopping at the Rustic Red Barn is an experience not to be missed while visiting the Drumheller Valley in Alberta, Canada. Shop in person or on-line. World wide shipping is available. Cash and e-trsf only.



Cary Horning - Canada Tourism Ambassador


Written By Cary Horning
Canadian Tourism Ambassador




Contact Rustic Red Barn
North Dinosaur Trail,
Drumheller, Alberta,
Canada T0J 0Y1
Local: 1 403-821-1948
Email:  rusticredbarnantiques@hotmail.com
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