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Interview with Michelle Eady of Living on Life Blog

Interview with Michelle Eady of Living on Life Blog.

Michelle Eady of "Living on Life Blog"

Michelle Eady of “Living on Life Blog”

“We need to find ways to make the areas that we promote clean and beautiful.  Also, focus more on free activities/excursions as opposed to ones that can be costly. Just because someone has the money to travel doesn’t mean they have the money to play the part of a tourist,” Michelle Eady.

Has anyone else noticed how the tourism, travel and adventure worlds are merging closer together with the introduction of social media. We sure have.

Without social media I cannot say we would have met some of the quality people that we have so far… like Michelle Eady.

In all the chaos of social media… some people come and go, never to be heard from again. Luckily, most stick around and seem somewhat interested in our thoughts and tourism experience.

Most are very like minded individuals. Michelle Eady is one those quality people we have met in the social media relm. So we sat down with her in our swanky imaginary online Maple Leaf studio and asked her some questions.

Winter with Michelle Eady

Winter with Michelle Eady

Michelle has been kind enough to share with us, over time, some amazing scenery through her photos while she climbs ice, snowshoes valleys and paddles remote lakes.

We suggest you follow her too. Her stories can be found on her “Living on Life Blog” and on Twitter.

Living on Life Blog : http://mish1100.wordpress.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Mish1100

“Friends of Tourism” Interview with Michelle Eady of Living on Life Blog.

“The “Friends of Tourism” program is an interview initiative conducted by eh Canada Travel & Adventure which introduces you, the reader, to some of the talented people of travel we have had the pleasure of meeting with including our advertisers, non profits, artists, photographers, equipment companies, sponsors and travel bloggers.

( eh Canada Travel) Thank you for your time Michelle.

1. Who are you, what do you do and where are you from?

(Living on Life Blog) My name is Michelle Eady, I am an Early Childhood Educator and I am from Renfrew, Ontario. I am the owner of the “Living on Life Blog”.

(ehCanadaTravel.com) We are excited to hear your story and your views on Canada, tourism, nature and the outdoors.

Michelle enjoys the waterways of Canada.

Michelle enjoys the waterways of Canada.

2. Favorite thing about Canada?

(Living on Life Blog) My favourite thing about Canada is the amount of fresh water lakes it has.

(ehCanadaTravel.com) That is your paddle personality speaking isn’t it? We too are amazed at how little travelers and locals are aware of the massive networks of lakes and rivers our country enjoys. The adventures and scenery our Canadian waterways provide is so epic.

3. Tell us something unique about Living on Life Blog?

(Living on Life Blog) I use my blog as an online journal that is appropriate for anyone to view.  My posts are all stories and memories about my life or things that I am passionate about that I want to remember and share with my children someday.

(ehCanadaTravel.com) Having a journal to share memories makes a whole lot of sense. We also blog every adventure we go on as we research and promote Canada.

The Climbing Michelle Eady

The Climbing Michelle Eady

4. What suggestions do you have for the tourism industry in Canada?

(Living on Life Blog) We need to find ways to make the areas that we promote clean and beautiful.  Also, focus more on free activities/excursions as opposed to ones that can be costly.  Just because someone has the money to travel doesn’t mean they have the money to play the part of a tourist.

(ehCanadaTravel.com)Leave no trace behind is key to any outdoor adventure. Littering is a pet peeve around here. Nothing irks us more than walking into a backcountry site and there is litter left behind from a previous group. The same litter we end up packing out.

5. #1 Reason you promote adventures in Canada?

(Living on Life Blog) Because I am Canadian and that is what a true Canadian should do.

(ehCanadaTravel.com)Enough said! Good answer.

6. What is your funniest adventure moment?

(Living on Life Blog) Camping with friends on May Long weekend when the bugs are at their worst and spending an entire morning trying to cook breakfast while running around the fire, literally.  (wasn’t funny at the time – is now!).

(ehCanadaTravel.com) Yup, we learned real quick that no adventure in Canada should be explored unless you are armed with bug spray. The consequences will keep you scratching for answers for days.

Kayaking with Michelle Eady

Kayaking with Michelle Eady

7. What do you love about Canadian winter and summer seasons and why?

(Living on Life Blog) I love the amount and variety of things there are to do.  The list of activities are endless and all enjoyable.  In winter we enjoy everything from ice climbing to ice fishing.  In the summer there are days you might find us floating many kilometers down the river with just a pool noodle.  Whatever your interest is, Canada has it.

(ehCanadaTravel.com)Could not imagine living in an adventure climate where you have 1 season. We are so lucky in Canada we have four seasons of adventures. The possibilities are endless.

8. Where should travelers explore when exploring Ontario not found in tourism magazines?

(Living on Life Blog) Calabogie.  It is an extremely small town that survives thanks to local tourism and is very season dependent.  There are many things to do in Calabogie ranging from racing your car on the Calabogie Motorsports Race Track, Downhill Skiing at Calabogie Peaks, rock/ice climbing along the Manitou Mountain Trail and fishing at one out of hundreds of lakes of your choice.

(ehCanadaTravel.com)Calabogie. Hmmmm. Have to make plans now to explore Calabogie.

9. Where would you like to travel in Canada for your next vacation and why?

(Living on Life Blog) I would love to travel to Newfoundland and Labrador as it is the only Province I have yet to visit.

(ehCanadaTravel.com)Stunning! Epic! You got to go to Newfoundland.

10. Please give us some insight on what, you see, as the biggest mistake travelers do?

(Living on Life Blog) Littering.  As much as most outdoor enthusiasts would claim they don’t do this, someone is, it is visible at our local fishing locations, camp sites, and even remote areas that only an outdoor enthusiast would be able to find.   

(ehCanadaTravel.com)Pack out what you pack in and the world of adventure will be a better place for generations to come!

Hook up online with Michelle at “Living on Life Blog” : http://mish1100.wordpress.com/ or via Twitter : https://twitter.com/Mish1100

Thank you Michelle for your time. Talk online soon!

And remember plan all your Canadian travel online with us on ehCanadaTravel.com. And remember,  when planning Canada search like a Canadian and use “eh”.


ehCanadaTravel.com (eh Canada Travel & Adventure) is the largest and fastest growing booking, planning and researching tourism and travel website for Western and Northern Canada currently expanding into Eastern and Atlantic Canada. The EH Team Brothers (Co Founders) also author the eh Canada Travel Blog which was recently awarded “A Top Canadian Blogger” by FlightNetwork.com.


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  1. Thomas McLean
    Thomas McLean says:

    Love the tone and delivery of your blog… I see that you got voted one of the best hiking and trekking blogs by USA TODAY…that is pretty cool considering your topic's geography…somethings that are wonderful are without boundaries. good Job

  2. Gina Bégin
    Gina Bégin says:

    "Because I am Canadian and that's what a true Canadian should do." Well said Michelle! And dual citizens to it, too. 😉

    Eh Canada, you picked a good one to interview right here.

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