Dollars Out Does Not Support Canadian Tourism

Dollars Out Does Not Support Canadian Tourism

Who You Book Travel With Is Who You Support. When traveling in Canada support a Canadian travel website. Makes sense right. Not always the case.

Like anything you purchase, where you purchase is who you are supporting.

Get a haircut, you are supporting that salon. Buy art, you are supporting that artist. Where you bank, you are supporting that bank. The server at a diner you tip, you are supporting that server. It is no different with online travel and tourism websites.

When you book travel online, the website you use is the website you are funding. In Canada, there are private and public travel websites. Most are public websites funded by governments. An easier road to travel. There are a few, like, which operate privately & rely totally on advertiser funding who receive no assistance (hand outs) from the government. For these travel websites to survive they rely on the traveler and the advertiser for survival.

Where you put your money when booking travel, accommodations, tours, guides, and transportation services online is where your money is going. And… to know surprise… many travel websites promoting Canada are not from Canada. Many, in fact, do no research and focus on managing databases only with little or no travel information. The few that post travel information… where do they get that information? How can a travel website from another country be an expert of Canada travel? Easy, they take information from the ones that are from Canada. That is the down side of the internet.

Where are You Sending Your Canadian Tourism Dollars

Where are You Sending Your Canadian Tourism Dollars accumulates all their material for travel themselves. They have been on site for over 250+ communities. They have visited the community in person, not just from online. Every photo (and there are over 6,000+) are taken from the lens of a team member. Every word posted on their 18 travel websites are from the notes of a team member. These are the same notes taken from exploring parks, trails, historic sites, canoe routes, adventures, activities, etc. first hand.

How much knowledge, experience and passion for travel in Canada can a website have when they operate from another country other than Canada? And yet… knowingly or unknowingly… there are people booking with foreign travel websites supporting a company not from Canada. Why is this?

It is important to realize that when you book an accommodation or tour or guide on a travel website to take a step back and see who’s bills you are paying. Is it a Canadian company promoting Canada travel or is it a foreign company pretending to know and care about Canada.

Here is a look at the head offices of some travel websites that some people are giving Canadian travel dollars to. Think twice when booking travel in Canada and ask yourself are you supporting Canada when traveling in Canada or are you funding a corporation operating outside of Canada. (100% Canadian) H/O Parksville, British Columbia, Canada.

TripAdvisor – H/O Newton, MA, USA – H/O Dallas Texas, USA

Travelocity – H/O Southlake, Texas, USA

HotWire – H/O San Francisco, California, USA

It makes so much sense. When booking travel to Europe do you use a Canadian company travel website… no. When you book to the USA do you use an American website… yes… because they know America best. So you would think… booking travel to Canada you would refer to a Canadian website for the most accurate, reliable and knowledgeable information. Who are you supporting when traveling to Canada? Maybe next time you book on a travel website that is a question one should ask themselves.

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  1. Doyle Atkins
    Doyle Atkins says:

    It’s nice to come across a website every once in a while that isn’t the same bias out of date rehashed material. Wonderful read.

  2. Brad Charles
    Brad Charles says:

    “Who You Book Travel With Is Who You Support” ended up being seriously compelling and insightful! In the present day world honestly, that is very difficult to do.

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