Above the Snowline on Six Glaciers Trail

Leaving Eckville, Alberta at last. We had a corporate meeting and decisions were made.  Bro and I decided based on the facts we should split up again to cover more ground researching. So sad since we just hooked up again. But it was unanimous vote. So.. I am going to research Lake Louise and Banff (he he he.. scored) and Bro is heading north to research Edmonton and Jasper.(he he.. not as big a score )

Took to the highways in rain and arrived in rain in Banff National Park after a long drive, plus I had to make stops in Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg.  Hmmm.. we will leave it at that. When I arrived at my first stop of  Lake Louise I scored a great campsite away from the village in the forest on the river ( 20 minutes from the village). It works well as I have my privacy. But I do not have a shower or cell.. so I am writing you from a cafe in the Lake Louise Village a bit stinky.

Yesterday was another great day outdoors. The sun was out and the alpine air was so refreshing. Smell those pine forests. Hear those rushing, crashing rivers and birds were singing all night! How can you not love life surrounded by bliss.

Started the day doing some basic research to familiarize myself with the area and to narrow down which hikes and attractions I want to explore. I promised myself I would keep it simple today. No major hikes. Drove to Moraine Lake and to the Chateau Lake Louise reminding myself to keep it simple stupid.

Photo Moment at end of trail and far end of lake

Moraine Lake Photo Moment, Lake Louise Alberta

First stop Moraine Lake. It was spectacular!  The lake was an incredible aqua blue with mountains and a glacier in the background. I decided to take it easy and walk the very family friendly trail that follows the lake shoreline. Short but sweet right.  There was allot to see. Plenty of viewing areas and some sitting benches. Plenty of people and languages. The short 1.5  kilometre trail led me to a river emptying into the lake and a dead end. Excellent no temptation! Good for me as I would of kept going..  as my hiking legs were on a roll. So instead I plotted some hikes I wanted to do in the next couple of days.

Next stop Lake Louise. It was a crash course in memories as I use to work at the chateau in my younger wilder days with friends of mine Mongo and Timmy.  Yup.. we were houseman. Our duty was cleaning up bed sheets basically. A highly skilled job with no pay but allot of fun.  After my self tour reminiscing I walked outside and hiked the Lake Louise shoreline trail. Got some great pics of the chateau and the aqua blue lake. One problem. There was no end to this trail.. oh oh.

At the end of the trail was the Six Glaciers Trailhead which leads uphill and into the mountains to a tea house.  I felt my inner self drawing me into the mountains. So I did not fight it and proceeded to hike the Six Glaciers Trail.

Great decision. What an adventure! The trail was mostly uphill so it was a leg burner. But to accommodate for the legs burning were the up close views of the glacier, the rock slides, the snow capped mountain peaks and the trail itself was a scenic wonderland tour. All 6 kilometres were. By far the best hike for moi this year!

Hiking Six Glaciers Trail in Lake Louise, Alberta

Hiking Six Glaciers Trail in Lake Louise, Alberta

The trail was constantly changing from gravel to dirt to mud to shale rocks. Then the switchbacks hit you hard before the tea house summit. There were portions up the switchbacks with rock steps and navigating along mountain ridges.

The highlight was the teahouse, glacier views and hiking above the snowline (main picture above). Maybe the tea house was a highlight because they served java, water and food. For this sweaty hiker the tea house was a blessing.

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