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Canada Tourism Statistics – Futurists – Expedition – Cree Singer – EH? Travel Talk Show

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Canada Tourism Statistics – Futurists – Expedition – Cree Singer – EH? Travel Talk Show

September 2020 special guests tackle the pandemic tourism numbers, changing traveler mindsets, we show some safe travel protocols during COVID 19 and a visit from a Cree First Nation singer and songwriter

The Brothers of Tourism on the EH? Travel Talk Show every Tuesday at 7 PM (pst) on Facebook Live (@ehcanadatravel) 

Canada tourism statistics and the changing mindset of the traveler are the hot topic issues that we discuss with our panel of experts in the month of September 2020.  In addition, on another episode, we share our experiences with you on our recent Arctic Expedition to the Yukon Territories exploring the Alaska and Dempster Highways.  We could not be happier to complete the month with an episode containing 6 performances by an acclaimed Cree First Nation multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and storyteller. 

Canada Tourism Statistics

Edwin Sheppard – Vice President Leger Polling

“What are the tourism numbers telling us?”

Léger Marketing & Polling, Edwin Sheppard, Vice President, will be talking about the state of tourism in the Covid 19 era. Edwin discusses emerging travel habits and trends with the brothers, Greg and Colin Girard, on their Canadian talk show, EH? Travel Talk Show. We talk Canadian traveler confidence, tourism winners and losers, Canadian traveler trends, travel risk aversion, community resistance, traveler patterns, bubble travel, road tripping, DMO shifts, marketing challenges, low season travel, Canadian travel industry future, and the airline industry.

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Safe Travel During Covid 19

Road trip to the Yukon Territories

The “Brothers of Tourism” Greg and Colin Girard

The “Brothers of Tourism” of ehCanadaTravel.com talk about their Arctic Circle Expedition on the EH? Travel Talk Show. They share photos and a few videos of their Yukon Territory adventure exploring the Alaska Highway and the Dempster Highway on their way to the Arctic Circle. Stops include the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake Yukon,  sleep over in the Arctic Circle, and visits in Whitehorse and Dawson, Yukon.

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Canada Tourism Statistics

Carolyn Childs – Tourism Futurists – My Travel Research (Australia)

“What does this new traveler look like?”

Tourism strategist, futurist and friend of the show, Carolyn Childs of MyTravelResearch.com, joins us on the EH? Travel Talk Show to bring us up to speed on the ever changing traveler mindset, habits, trends and how we should adjust. We ask her, “What does this new traveler look like?” We talk tourism industry, small business and traveler attitudes, confidence, resiliency and recovery. The conversation touches on domestic tourism, inter-border travel, community hospitality, opportunity for change, the journey and the destination challenges.

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Canada Concert Series

Ed Peekeekoot

Cree Singer, Songwriter & Storyteller

Ed Peekeekoot, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and storyteller, joins the Brothers of Tourism as their special guest on the EH? Travel Talk. Ed shares 6 performances with us, including performances on the fiddle, guitar and Native flute. Ed proudly hails from the Plains Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada and he shares stories of growing up on the reserve, playing music, learning instruments, his musical influences, and his passion for song.

Canada Staycation Planning

Canada Tourism Statistics


“Leave No Tourism Business Behind”

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eh canada travel - small and rural community consultant

Small Town Canada Community Consultant / Co Founder at eh Canada Travel

Greg Girard is a co founding brother of the award winning adventure and travel website and blog ehCanadaTravel.com. Greg is also a top ranked Canadian travel blogger who enjoys public speaking, and working with as many small and rural Canadian communities as possible. Greg is an avid outdoor enthusiasts and amateur photographer who enjoys backpacking, road trips, wilderness camping, snowboarding and what he calls hacking (what others would call golf).

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