Since we have been working hard on our website the memories of our research trip are flooding my mind at a furious pace. It is like a highway of thoughts, fast pace, lots of movement. It is hard to turn it off at times. So , my release is to share it instead.

If, it is possible during your life time, make a road trip to the Yukon. It is postcard country. It is as far away from civilization as you can get for long periods of time and still have a smile on your face. Just you and vast wilderness. Just getting there is a wildlife tour and a day on Survivor.

If you canoe, bring one. If you backpack and wilderness camp, pack your gear. If you are a photographer, take along all your lenses. If you need to be one with nature, bring all your baggage.

Lately we have been building the Southern Lakes region of the Yukon.  You know, putting some EH back into the Yukon Tourism industry.

There were many things we learned about the Yukon. One such thing was that there was a section of the Territory which is all about lakes.  Many connected.  Some turquoise – green, some blue, some black.  The network of connected lakes were once used during the Klondike Gold Rush to access the Yukon River so to be able to paddle to the towns of Whitehorse and Dawson City.

The chain of lakes was once a paddle route used by miners after backpacking the alpine mountains in the Yukon Pass via the Chilkoot Trail from Skagway, Alaska to Carcross, Yukon Territory. The hiking trail adventure explores lakes, rivers, alpine peaks, rock slides and alpine valleys.  It visits historic sites and explores wildlife country. It is on my want to do list for sure.

Hmm.. that list just might be getting a bit too long. Might have to have a A List and B List.

Carcross is the main community in the Southern Lakes region. Most of the website work lately has been on Carcross. A big attraction in town is the historic White Horse & Yukon Route Railway connecting Skagway with Whitehorse. It is a popular tour for the boat cruises visiting in Skagway. In fact there is a heritage railroad station in Carcross right on the shores of Bennett Lake.

In Carcross is one of the sweetest footbridges in the Yukon (main photo). It crosses Bennett Lake from shore to shore, beach to beach. And when in Carcross, combine the railway bridge and the footbridge and there is a loop route one can walk. The footbridge provides an amazing view of Bennett Lake and the surrounding mountains. On our visit it was busy.. we arrived when a tour group was in town. Lucky us.

I took some time to explore in Carcross, like I always do.  Discover your own backyard I’d say, good and bad. I walked down the less used streets and came across trapper cabins, heritage houses and giant gold panning dishes.

I took to the road and visited the “World’s Smallest Desert”, Robinson Roadhouse, Bove Island Lookout, Mount Lorne and Montana Mountain.

I saw Black Bears.. and dreamed of seeing more Grizzlies, Caribou and Moose. You think I am asking too much?

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