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On Highway 99 just prior to turning into the village of Squamish town centre is a small floral garden identified by a wooden bridge and a large rock monument named Lily's Park. Both park markers can be seen from the highway.

The garden park is a small area sandwiched between the shores of the Mamquam Blind Channel and Highway 99. It is an easily accessible park and an ideal destination for garden lovers and people interested in walking the shoreline of the local channel.

For all who visit the park they can expect to view a fine collection of floral gardens, stone sculptures and lush fauna. The garden beds flourish in a rainbow of colours like oranges, reds, pinks, purples and yellows.

To view the garden beds the park consists of a few small stone and dirt pathways twisting amongst the flower beds. Along the paths are various points where some stone carved benches have been placed making viewing of the gardens more enjoyable.

Besides the floral displays onsite, the gardens are also slightly decorated with stone ornaments and rock gardens. The main stone monument in the park is located at the entrance. The large stone monument marks the park as the home site of Lily and George Carson.

The small park's trails eventually hook up with Rose Park to the south and Loggers Lane in the north.

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Lily's Garden Park
Cleveland Ave

How To Get ToLily's Garden Park

Approaching the village of Squamish, BC, Canada from the south following Highway 99, just prior to turning into the town centre via Cleveland Ave, look to your right and there is Lily's Park just off the highway. Park your vehicle on Loggers Lane Road or nearby and walk to the gardens stone monument entrance via a wooden footbridge.
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