Emily Carr House
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Emily Carr House is the childhood home of Emily Carr (1871 to 1945 ) who was a famous Canadian writer and artist. The home is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island and is recognized as a Provincial and National Historic Site of Canada.

Victoria. Canada Pictures GalleryEmily Carr was a world famous Canadian artist and writer who received high praise and world recognition for her works. Her most recognized works were in her writings and paintings. Many of which depicted the lives of the First Nation people of Canada.

The most famous of her writings was her book Klee Wyck which told the story of the lives of the First Nation people. Klee Wyck later won her the Governor General’s Gold Medal for literature.

Some of her other published books include The House of all Sorts, The Book of Small, Hundreds and Thousands, Growing Paris, The Heart of the Peacock, Wild Flowers and Unsettling Encounters.

Emily Carr, to many, was recognized for her impressionist paintings. Some of her most recognized works include the Big Raven, Guyasdoms d'Sonoqua, Indian Church, Totem Walk at Sitka, Zunoqua of the Cat Village, Red Cedar, The Mountain, Tree Trunk, and the Rushing Sea of Undergrowth.

Today, the Emily Carr House is an interpretive centre providing insight into the life and art works of the famous Canadian artist. The home is open for viewing and is a popular attraction in the area. The home is often the site for art showings, events and exhibitions.

There is a gift shop on site with many of her books and reproductive prints available for purchase.

The Emily Carr House is located at 207 Government Street and is open to the public during the summer season.


Emily Carr House
207 Government Street
British Columbia
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Located in: Victoria
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