Tetrahedron Provincial Park


Located in: Sechelt
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Park Size: 6000+ hectares

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Wildlife Watching

Tetrahedron Provincial Park is closest to the community of Sechelt BC on the Sunshine Coast. The rugged mountain range park was established in 1995 accessed by rough deactivated logging roads.

This Sunshine Coast park is a gem filled with spectacular scenery. Tetrahedron Park is a rough and rugged environment covering over 6000 hectares (15,000 acres) with 9 lakes, various marshlands, creeks, rivers, watersheds and forested mountains reaching elevations of 900 - 1800 m (3000 to 6000 ft.).

The network of trails, the numbers of lakes and creeks while hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the Tetrahedron Provincial Park provides days of enjoyment. The lakes include Tannis, Bachelor, Margie, Mayne, Gilbert, Edwards, Chapman and McNair Lakes. Some of the local wildlife near these lakes like bears, deer, mountain goats, Bald Eagles and cougars.

The Tetrahedron Provincial Park attracts a certain type of adventurer, one looking for a challenge. Cross country skiing and snow shoeing are the main modes of transportation in the park during the winter months (busy season) while the summer months entertains the hiking-backpacking crowds (shoulder season).

The highlight of the trip in any season is the 4 public cabins located along the trail route for overnight accommodations. Often buried in snow in the winter and fronting fields of flowers in the summer, the cabins are all booked on a first come-first serve basis. The Sunshine Coast cabins are located on Bachelor Lake, Edwards Lake, McNair Lake and on Mount Steele.

The Tetrahedron Provincial Park Trail is identified along the route by the painted orange markers and trail signs. The markers point out the one way and loop trail routes in the park leading to cabins and lakes. It is best to have a travel map and proper hiking gear at all times. Please no short cuts in preparation when exploring in this giant park.

Exploring from the Batchelor Lake Cabin end, there is a parking lot. Follow the signs and start trekking past Tannis Lake to Batchelor Lake. Ahead you can look forward to trekking to Gilbert Lake and to Edwards Lake. A kilometre further from the lake is Edwards Lake cabin. The trail after Edwards Lake cabin goes right or left.

A right turn wanders down to Chapman Creek, and then onto Chapman Lake which is under the shadows of Mt Steele, Tetrahedron Peak, and Panthers Peak. McNair Lake at foot of Panthers Peak is the location of McNair Cabin. To the left is up to Mount Steels and to the Mt. Steele Cabin.

This Sunshine Coast trail is a rugged adventure with avalanches and snow hanging around sometimes until the month of May. The route can be very muddy, slippery and dangerous so always leave notice with a trusted friend on your return date just in case.

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Tetrahedron Provincial Park, Sunshine Coast, Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada


Tetrahedron Provincial Park
Gray Creek Forest Service Road
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Located in: Sechelt
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