Saltery Bay Provincial Park

Saltery Bay

Located in: Saltery Bay
Saltery Bay

Park Size: 69 hectare
Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wildlife Watching

Saltery Bay Provincial Park is located on the top portion of the Sunshine Coast nearest to the community of Saltery Bay, BC, Canada. The park is a great destination for families, romance and adventure. The 69 hectare park is separated into two distinct sections - a campground and day use area.

The Saltery Bay Provincial Park day-use section includes a beach area that is rocky and is a popular destination for swimming and for family picnics. The area is surrounded by forests with spanning marine views. Families with children will enjoy the park when there are low tides because the shoreline comes alive with tidal pools filled with great opportunities to observe starfish, crabs and small sea urchins. While out in the ocean, if the timing is right, there are seals, sea lions and whales frolicking offshore with marine birds soaring high above.

The Saltery Bay Provincial Park campsite section includes 42 drive in campsites submerged under the forest trees. Onsite there is access to fresh water by way of the 5 water taps located throughout the campground plus there is also a hand pump located in the day-use area. There are 6 pit toilets with two of them being wheelchair friendly in the campground, 1 at Mermaid Cove and 2 at the day-use area. All are wheelchair friendly.

The day use section is located 1 km from the campgrounds. The area includes a boat ramp, hand pump for fresh water, parking lot and two wheelchair friendly pit toilets. There are, however , no covered sheltered facilities.

The Mermaid Cove Trail begins just off the entrance of the campground near the bridge crossing over Park Creek and takes about 30 minutes to complete. An easy grade trek covering about 1 km (0.6 mi.) through old growth forests. The trail, although, is not wheel chair friendly as there are sharp rocky sections that are slippery and not levelled. Mermaid Cove is a very poplar destination for scuba divers because of the 10 ft. bronze mermaid sunk off its shores at a depth of 20 m (65 feet). There are cold showers located on the beach at Mermaid Cove and pit toilets.
Saltery Bay Provincial Park, Saltery Bay, BC in the Sunshine Coast


Saltery Bay Provincial Park
Highway 101
Saltery Bay
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Located in: Saltery Bay
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