Saltery Bay, BC Parks & Places
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The mountain biking route includes highway riding and logging roads. The climbs, although tough, do reward the biker with great views of Jervis Inlet and some speed descents.
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The park covers over 31 hectares and is a very popular destination during the peak summer months for boating, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and fishing.
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Mermaid Cove is a scuba divers, snorkeling and swimming destination. The cove is connected to the Saltery Bay Provincial Park
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Musket Island is a popular docking point for boaters and as an overnight camping destination for kayakers. Musket Island can be reached by pleasure boats or by kayaks from the launching points located in Saltery Bay, Earls Cove and in Egmont.
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The 69 hectare park is separated into two distinct sections - a campground and day use area including a beach and hiking trail.
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